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When you succeed, so do we. That's why we remain committed to providing you with the tools and resources to grow your business. There’s a reason you’re a Sunnova partner -- you’re among the savviest of solar experts and we’re proud to partner with you.

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Why become a Sunnova partner? Stability. Support. Success.

When we say we’re a different kind of power company, we really mean it. There are many things that set us apart from other solar service providers, but the one we’re most proud of is our partner-centered business model. We work with a select network of established solar power companies throughout the United States and Puerto Rico, Guam and Saipan. By partnering with local solar experts, we’re able to provide a more personalized experience for our customers while supporting the economy in the areas we serve. Sunnova helps partners expand their customer base, product offerings and bottom line. We've made it easy for you to stake your claim in one of today's hottest and fastest growing industries.



The Sunnova leadership team has worked together in the solar industry for years, even prior to founding Sunnova. As a result of our proven track record, we’ve raised more than $1 billion in funding in record time from some very prominent investors -- and that number continues to climb. Bottom line: We’re going to be around a long time to help you boost your own bottom line.


Our aggressive payment terms mean you can grow your business without waiting to get paid. We offer a diverse range of solar power plans -- from PPAs to leases and even ownership -- so you can tailor what you offer to your local market and customer needs. We’ve also streamlined the supply chain process to give you access to better pricing on equipment. In addition, as a Sunnova partner you’ll have superior tools and resources at your fingertips, and our in-house design and customer service teams will work closely with you every step of the way.


We go to great lengths to ensure your success because we aren’t successful unless you are. Our standards are high, but so is the payoff of working with us. If you’re among the best and brightest in the solar industry and ready to partner with a company that’s committed to you, we’d like to hear from you.


Here’s a breakdown of some of the benefits available to Sunnova partners.

Partner Connect

Partner Connect is Sunnova’s unique technology platform that streamlines the sales process.

Highlights include:

  • Real-time address verification
  • On-the-spot credit checks and immediate signing of solar service agreements on mobile devices
  • Ability to upload commissioning packages from job sites

The Hub

Get access to a robust platform of sales tools and training to support your growth. Co-brand and download web-based sales materials for free -- you can even personalize them with your own contact information. You’ll also find sales and product training resources, operations updates, and Sunnova news right at your fingertips.

Partner Care

Sunnova empowers partners by providing:

  • Support from dedicated account managers, extended contact center hours and a designated partner phone line
  • Fast payment terms for steady cash flow and exclusive supply chain agreements to help keep equipment costs down
  • Biweekly e-newsletter with the latest Sunnova and industry happenings

We want to work with like-minded partners who focus on delivering quality and customer satisfaction.

What are you waiting for? Let’s drive the solar revolution together.

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