Department of Energy Grid Study Highlights Renewables Growing Role in Electricity Markets Across the U.S.

HOUSTON, August 23, 2017 – Sunnova Energy Corporation, a leading residential solar service provider in the U.S. stated today, following the release of the Grid Study by the Department of Energy (DOE), that it was pleased the Study had been conducted, showcasing the positive, substantial increase in renewable energy on the grid and its further emphasis that electricity users care not only about where their energy comes from, but about long-term affordability and reliability as it concerns their energy use.

“The DOE study underscores the critical and increasing role of renewables in the nation's energy mix and we applaud Secretary Perry and his team for their thoughtful approach to this important study," said Sunnova’s Chief Executive Officer John Berger. “Residential solar plays a key part in this rapidly evolving landscape and we look forward to working with the DOE and all regulatory agencies at both the federal and state levels to support reforms that empower energy consumers, while adding to the resiliency and reliability of our nation's energy infrastructure.”

“As long term strategies are developed, the market for improved system resilience will come partly from the solar industry and the advances that are being made by the innovative companies within this industry.”

Specifically: “The rapid advancement in battery capabilities and cost reductions, when paired with residential solar, not only create cost effective and reliable power, but given the ability to deliver power when the grid is down, presents even greater potential for power reliability and system resiliency than the current centralized generation only grid.”


Kelsey Smith
Sunnova Energy Corporation