Sunnova Expresses Disappointment at the Administration’s Trade Case Remedies, Speaks to the Industry’s Resiliency

HOUSTON, TX — Sunnova Energy Corporation’s Chief Executive Officer, William J. (John) Berger made the following statement following the Trump Administration’s disappointing remedies to the Section 201 solar trade case, which was sent to the President by the U.S. International Trade Commission (ITC) late last year.

“We are disappointed by the administration’s decision on the trade case. The solar industry embodies innovation, resiliency and job creation—all of the characteristics that have made our country great.”

“However, this decision does not deter us. The solar industry has been tested before and we have always shown our resiliency. At Sunnova, we are still confident in our continued ability to offer our residential solar customers around the country a better service at a better price, given that we are competing with utility retail rates that continue to increase year after year. Residential solar costs have come down significantly across the industry over the last five years and we expect those cost declines to continue, despite tariffs.”



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