Sunnova Responds to the Administration’s Coal and Nuclear Lifeline Decision

HOUSTON, TX – June 1, 2018—Sunnova Energy Corporation made the following statements following the administrations directive to bailout coal and nuclear plants from retirement based on the premise of safeguarding our country’s energy security.

“We need to stop propping up uneconomic, inflexible power generators, the cost of whose expensive upkeep ultimately falls on consumers,” said William J. (John) Berger, Chief Executive Officer of Sunnova. “An energy system is only as strong as its weakest link and the utilities’ transmission and distribution system translate into millions of miles of weak links. The amount of fuel located onsite at a centralized generator is ultimately irrelevant and doesn’t provide security if you are unable to deliver the electricity to its end user.”

“Providing corporate welfare at the expense of ratepayers is unsustainable and making decisions based on unfounded “emergency” conditions is just bad policy,” said Meghan Nutting, Executive Vice President of Government Affairs for Sunnova. “Bailing out power plants should not be the primary motive here; consumer choice reduced costs and an even playing field should be.”

Berger added: 

“The administration is harking back to the Cold War era to find any legal means necessary to keep uneconomic coal and nuclear power plants in operation. The administration appears to be moving backward, when all clear signs point to the United States growing, advancing and leaving outdated energy solutions behind us.”



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