Sunnova Offers Maryland Homeowners Solar Plus Battery Storage with Sunnova SunSafe™

Sunnova SunSafe™ Easy Own provides Maryland homeowners with a more resilient, reliable and clean way to power their lives

HOUSTON, TX – December 19, 2018 Sunnova Energy Corporation, one of the leading U.S. residential solar and battery storage service providers, announced today it has begun offering its Sunnova SunSafe™ Easy Own solar plus battery storage service to homeowners across Maryland through its network of regional partners. Sunnova offers a broad and comprehensive solar portfolio in Maryland, including lease, loan and PPA offerings, and will now be adding Sunnova SunSafe™ Easy Own, complete with a 25-year Sunnova Protect service warranty, affordable monthly payments and zero upfront costs.

“What we see in Maryland is an opportunity to better serve the energy needs of homeowners with a smart, clean and resilient energy technology through our local network of installation partners,” said William J. (John) Berger, CEO of Sunnova Energy Corporation. “Sunnova SunSafe™ allows homeowners to rest easy knowing they’ll have power to energize their lives when the grid goes down.”

“Our customized solar + battery storage system is designed to meet most of our customer’s home energy needs in a smarter way, giving them the upper hand on electric grid outages,” said Michael Grasso, Chief Marketing Officer for Sunnova Energy Corporation. “With Sunnova SunSafe™ Easy Own, you own the system and we take care of the rest.”

Thanks to its smart technology, in the case of a utility power outage, Sunnova SunSafe™ automatically detects when to switch from solar energy to stored energy and, unlike solar-only systems, Sunnova SunSafe™ will continue producing and storing back-up energy when the electric grid goes down, giving homeowners peace of mind and significantly reducing the homeowner’s reliance upon the grid.

In addition to the Federal Investment Tax Credit (ITC), Maryland offers several incentives for qualifying solar customers, including a $1,000 state rebate for going solar and a 30% tax credit for a homeowner’s battery storage system. Additionally, Maryland has set a renewable portfolio standard (SREC) goal to produce 20 percent of its electricity from renewable resources by 2022. Under this SREC program, homeowners are granted one Maryland SREC for each megawatt-hour (MWh) of clean electricity their solar panels produce, which they can then sell in the SREC market.

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Kelsey Smith
Sunnova Energy Corporation