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Hear Sunnova reviews from customers, in their own words, about their experience with Sunnova SunSafe® home solar and battery storage. For more information on Sunnova and the home energy services we offer click here.


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"My installation dealer was very knowledgeable and answered all of my questions regarding solar energy and the installation of the solar panels. Sunnova is among the leading companies offering energy at a lower cost than my current utility company, and they stand by their products and services."
Peter Akiyama -  Concord, CA

"I acquired a Sunnova solar system over a year ago and was very pleased with the professionalism that they preformed. I am now experiencing a much needed savings in my electric bill. I was told it would take awhile until the system was working to its full potential. I am now seeing savings in my electric bill. It’s most rewarding in those long hot summers with air conditioning running all day knowing I can leave it on and really enjoy it. Should have got this system sooner, but I am very happy I got it now.”
Ken Bruns -  San Diego, CA

"Everyone I worked with was professional and kept me informed all the way through the entire process."
Gloria Cryer-  Peoria, AZ

"The entire installation was done in a clean and timely fashion. Sunnova’s dealer was very knowledgeable and efficient. There was no waste of time or materials."
John Scarpa -  Holland, IN

"Everything went well from my initial appointment to installation. I’m excited to see the difference on my monthly bills using solar and not paying so much to the power company."
Domenick DiSimone - Nutley, NJ

"All persons of Sunnova were professional and knowledgeable in their field and their teamwork made the whole project come together like clock work! I'm exited to see the results!"
Eugene Padilla - Napa, CA

"It was an extremely easy install. Communication was great. Very happy with the service and the design of the system. You can't even tell I have solar. Panels are on the back of house and the switchover was seamless."
Rose Gibson - Freehold, NJ

"From the initial sales contact I knew I was in good hands, quick response to questions, just an overall great experience."
Joseph Gomez - Toms River, NJ

"The entire process has been positive, professional and supportive. The installation looks great and the system is producing solar energy at an exceptional rate."
Donald Winston - Las Vegas, NV

"Everyone involved was courteous, patient, and knowledgeable. I was always kept informed of what was happening through every stage of the process."
David Green - Bonita, CA

"Everyone who I came in contact with at my home or on the phone was very respectful. When I had questions they answered me with information I could understand."
Ruth Capria - Hamilton, NJ

"After being hounded by other solar companies, I was pleasantly surprised by Sunnova and their installation partner’s process and professionalism. Everything moved quickly, was well communicated, and now I’m excited to get solar up and running on my home. I’ve already told my neighbors how impressed I am with Sunnova."
Donna Lotz -  Calimesa, CA

"I’m at ease with my decision to go solar with Sunnova, knowing that they gave me a more than fair price. I can relax without worrying that my electric bill will shoot sky high."
Paul Gamboa -  Chino, CA

"Installation was very well organized and very clean. We love seeing our electric meter run backwards!"
Suzan Lindsey -  Winchester, CA

"Satisfied with installation and kept updated by my installation partner when anything needed to be done or changed. All installers were very professional and answered any questions we had. Always kept in touch with progress updates."
Gary Strahan - Albuquerque, NM

"From the very beginning, I found the company and EZnergy very nice and caring to work with. They listened to my concerns and were very polite and patient even with the inspectors, which made them wait many long hours. When I needed to talk to customer service, they were very polite and understanding. They easily were able to solve any issues that arose. And kept me informed on the progress of my installation. I am definitely recommending your company."
Finita Shicoff - Parlin, NJ

"The Sunnova crew was great, we had to have a panel updated which they took care of. Sunnova handled the permits, which I dreaded. Best of all, the system designed produces enough power on an annual basis to overcome any payments to PG&E, aside from the monthly meter costs. Our payments to Sunnova give us level power payments, which are far less than PG&E, month to month."
Darryl Mincer - Redding, CA

"Great people from the area manager, who signed us up us and consistently made himself available and walked us through every step of the process, to each of the awesome folks who installed the panels, the electricians, the patch & paint guy, and the customer service folks at the office."
Darren Richter - San Dimas, CA

"Customer service is good. Installers were efficient, knowledgeable and answered all the questions we had. Contact via email during installation was good and when we contacted Sunnova by phone they clearly explained our account items we wondered about."
Frank Wilson - Fairfield, CA

"Before I got solar panels the PG&E bill was so unpredictable that it left me with no pennies left for December. Now, I have more control over my budget and I'm happy because I know I'm helping the ecology and contributing to preserving the earth. Thank you."
Elizabeth Siliezar - Oakley, CA

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