7 Steps to Getting Commercial Solar Step 1 - First Contact (1-3 Days): After you express interest, a Sunnova rep will reach out to collect preliminary information — such as 12 months of utility bills — to get a snapshot of your energy needs and goals. Step 2 - Connection with Local Installer (2-7 Days): We’ll connect you with a commercial solar installer in our network who understands the unique energy and regulatory landscape of your area. Step 3 - Initial Proposal (7 Days): After first contact, we’ll develop an initial proposal outlining the applicable costs, incentives, ROI and custom-designed energy solution. This quote will be active for up to 30 days. Step 4 - Due Diligence (2-4 Weeks): Once the proposal is approved, you’ll sign a letter of intent (LOI) and provide us with the requested financial information. Sunnova will complete the underwriting analysis. Step 5 - Final Contract (2-4 Weeks): Once the pieces are in place, we’ll create a final 
proposal engineered to achieve your vision of success. Then, we’ll provide you with a written contract to review 𠊊nd execute. Step 6 - Construction to Completion (12-18 Months): After the contract is signed, your local solar installer will obtain all the necessary permits, approvals and equipment for your installation and interconnection, backed by Sunnova’s national support team. Step 7 - Ongoing Service (25 Years): Once the utility approves your system, you can officially start producing renewable solar energy. Your investment comes 25 years of protection and a dedicated Client Success Manager. 7-steps-mobile
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