Core Values

Our team has a strong entrepreneurial spirit and determination to deliver results with the highest degree of integrity.

& Analytical Thinking

Creating long-term value requires the effective introduction of economically sound ideas outside of the norm. We must utilize our strong capabilities to drive value creation and superior results for our shareholders, partners, customers, and employees.

Accountability & Responsibility

To grow our dynamic company, each person must act with urgency, and meet his or her agreed objectives for the team. Further, we must hold ourselves and each other accountable and comply with laws, rules, and applicable regulations.

Communication, Cooperation
& Teamwork

We listen, build consensus, and gain the confidence of our colleagues by treating all counterparties with dignity and respect at all times. We care about the inclusion and fulfillment of each member of our team.

Discipline & Compliance

Excellence requires doing things in a repeatable, sustainable, and lawful manner that eliminates waste and ensures full compliance with our internal procedures and policies. We must transparently demonstrate not just our results, but our process of achieving outcomes.

Technical Knowledge
& Judgment

Our vision can be achieved only with employees who are both excellent in their areas of functional accountability and in their application of judgment in selecting techniques and strategies.


We must anticipate and embrace change, with a willingness to modify our views in the face of contrary evidence. We cannot solve problems if we do not accept the evolving realities we face each day.