Powering Energy Independence

Who We Are

Sunnova Energy International Inc. (NYSE: NOVA) is a leading residential solar and energy storage service provider, with customers across the U.S. and its territories. Sunnova's goal is to be the source of clean, affordable and reliable energy, with a simple mission: to power energy independence so that homeowners have the freedom to live life uninterrupted™.

Our Core Values

Our new corporate values will act as guiding principles in our business operations and practices. As we continue to grow, all that we do should be aligned with values in support of our mission to power energy independence to be able to give our customers the freedom to live life uninterrupted®.



    We believe in providing a better energy service.

    We are a technology-enabled energy services provider who delivers with quality and steadfast dedication in the communities we serve.



    We believe in achieving more by working together.

    We are focused on collectively advancing Sunnova and the energy industry through collaboration, integrity, respect and long-term trusted relationships.



    We believe in doing well by doing good.

    We provide the world with cleaner, renewable and more reliable energy by focusing on responsible growth, energy resiliency and innovation to create lasting value.


What We Provide

Sunnova makes solar energy more accessible by providing customized options, so you can find the right service for your home at the right price. Whether you’re looking to save with solar, or you already have a solar system, we offer a variety of services to meet your needs.

Sunnova uniquely provides a 25-year service commitment with every homeowner’s customized solar + storage system. Our top-of-the-line warranty covers all solar system components, eliminating out-of-pocket expenses for repairs and maintenance.3 Plus, you get a 10-year roof warranty for extra peace of mind.

  • New Home Solar


    New Home

    Add solar panels to your home. Our Sunnova SunSafe® solar panel + battery storage system offers predictable energy costs and backup energy during power outages.1

  • Add-on Battery Storage 


    Add-on Battery Storage

    Get reliable, round-the-clock power with Sunnova +SunSafe®, our battery storage technology that connects to your home’s existing solar system.1


    Home Solar Protection Plans

    Ensure your home’s solar system operates to its maximum potential with one of our Sunnova Protect™ Service Plans.



    Home Solar + Roofing

    With Sunnova’s home solar + roofing, you can install a new durable roof and a state-of-the-art home solar system with a single company.

How We Work

A big part of what sets us apart is the way we work. We work with a select network of high-quality, regional dealers and installers who sell our exclusive portfolio of Sunnova services and have first-hand knowledge of the local markets we serve. By working with local solar experts we’re able to provide comprehensive, customer-specific solutions and offer you a more personalized experience. Sunnova then stands behind your system with our national network of in-house service technicians to ensure your system continues to operate to its potential.

Sunnova Adaptive Home

At Sunnova, we have an unstoppable commitment to innovation and the advancement of distributed energy. We are continually developing smarter ways to bring energy to the world so our customers can enjoy the benefits of a truly energy independent home.

Each home’s energy needs are different.  With our Sunnova Adaptive Home, we are creating solutions that integrate the use of solar, battery storage, energy control and management technologies to offer our customers greater energy affordability, reliability and resiliency.

The Sunnova Adaptive Home is not only able to produce and store energy, it also “adapts” to the homes energy needs by optimizing energy sources and consumption predictively and in real time.  By monitoring current energy needs, the status of solar production, stored energy levels, grid health, time of day and energy price signals among other inputs, the Sunnova Adaptive Home works to deliver the optimal energy experience. 

Sunnova started its journey as a company to create a better energy service at a better price.  We believe that all consumers should have energy independence and that we are well positioned to power it.  The Sunnova Adaptive Home provides a platform for consumers to have energy how and when they need it, while providing them the peace of mind they deserve.

Where is Sunnova?

Sunnova is turning homes into energy-saving powerhouses from sea to shining sea—and beyond. We work with qualified contractors in the regions we serve to provide local expertise and responsive service.


  •   Solar + Battery States
  •   Solar Only States


1. Individual savings will vary based on your utility rate, your energy consumption habits, the solar system equipment installed on your property, your tax incentives eligibility, weather and other factors. In some states Sunnova’s products are not designed to offer savings. Customers located in states or territories other than CA, CT, MA, RI, NY and NJ are likely to perceive savings substantially lower than 20%, if any. Individual savings estimates are based on your solar energy production, your solar kWh rate, potential tax incentives, your utility kWh rate at the time of purchase, and projected increases in the utility rate (based on historical data and national averages). Estimates do not take into consideration other changes in utility rates. Such changes could affect your overall estimated savings. Sunnova does not guarantee savings.
2. The amount of power available from the battery during a power outage is limited, depending on the loads connected, customer usage and battery configuration (i.e. batteries in certain areas may be set up to provide you with the best economic benefit, which may affect the amount of back-up power available). Solar systems and/or batteries may require repairs after weather events and such repairs may be delayed due to forces outside of our control. No assurances can be given that the solar system or the battery will always work. You should never rely upon either of these to power life support or other medical devices.
3. Limitations apply. Refer to your Limited Warranty or Warranty Agreement for details. For batteries, the system warranty is based on the manufacturers’ warranty.


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