What is production guarantee and how is it calculated?

With some products, Sunnova offers a production guarantee, which means we guarantee your system will produce a certain amount of energy each year. The amount of energy your Sunnova solar system produces in each year is subject to a number of factors such as weather, time of day, the shading around your home, and season of the year. During sunny summer months, your system will produce more energy. In the winter and on cloudy days, your system will produce less. At night, your system won’t generate energy at all. Sunnova’s production guarantee is designed to make up for variances in your system’s production.

Sunnova will review the system’s performance on a periodic basis. If your system produces less than the guaranteed amount, we’ll credit you the difference, generally, starting at the end of year three. If your system produces more than the guaranteed amount, you won’t owe us any extra money—we’ll simply “bank” the overproduction for future years in which your system may produce less than we guaranteed. You will likely only receive a credit if your system is routinely underperforming.

Review your solar agreement for details regarding production guarantee, including when the assessments will occur.