Why are Sunnova solar agreements 25 years?

The reason behind the 25-year duration of Sunnova solar service agreements is simple: long-term peace of mind. Utility rates are unpredictable because they are tied to fossil fuels and, as a result, dependent on the ups and downs of a commodity market. When you consider the fact that you must do business with your utility company for as long as you need electricity, 25 years of sustainable, readily available solar power doesn’t seem like a long time at all.

During the term of your agreement, you don’t have to worry about out-of-pocket expenses for maintenance or repairs1. That means simpler, more predictable budgeting for your energy costs for the long haul.

Think of the solar service agreement as proof of our commitment to you -- a document designed with life’s milestones in mind. If you move, you can easily transfer the agreement to the new homeowner2. Likewise, should your agreement outlive you, your heirs will enjoy the benefits of solar power simply by continuing to make the monthly payments for the remainder of the agreement term.

As an added bonus, your solar service agreement means you’ll be doing something good for the environment for 25 years. Your wallet and the world will both be a little better off because you chose solar power.

1. Limitations and conditions apply. Refer to the warranty in your Sunnova agreement for details.
2. New homeowners must meet Sunnova credit requirements. Limitations and conditions apply. Please refer to your agreement for details.