Home Solar and Net Metering

What is net metering, and how does it affect billing?

Your solar system will provide most of the power your home needs. But at night and on cloudy days, it won’t. Your system will be connected to your utility company’s electric grid to supply energy during the times your system isn’t producing enough on its own. Continue reading 

What happens at night or when it’s cloudy outside?

Great question! Solar systems convert sunlight into electricity, so you definitely need the sun’s rays to make that happen. Weather conditions, the season of the year and time of day all have an impact on how much energy your system generates. On cloudy or… Continue reading 

What if my solar system isn’t generating sufficient energy?

When your solar system isn’t generating energy, like at night, your home will be powered by the electric grid, just as it was before you had solar service. Since your system is interconnected to the utility’s grid, you’re able to consume energy from it, as… Continue reading 

What if my solar system generates too much energy?

In most cases, if your solar system generates more energy than your home needs at any given time, the excess energy will flow back to the electric grid. Your utility company may provide you with a credit for energy you send back to it.* There are a few… Continue reading 

Will I still be on the grid?

Yes, your solar system will be connected to the electric grid. The interconnection between your solar system and the grid creates a bidirectional, give-and-take relationship between you and the utility company. This concept is known as net metering, and it… Continue reading 

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