Every Sunnova solar service agreement comes with a maintenance and operations warranty that lasts the lifetime of the agreement. That means you’ll never have to worry about paying out of pocket for repairs or part replacements your solar system may need over time. In addition, our performance guarantee ensures optimal functioning of your system.

Regarding production, your solar service agreement outlines the specifics since it depends on the type of solar service product you have (Easy Own, Easy Save Simple, Easy Save Monthly, Easy Save). Easy Own and Easy Save customers are compensated for the difference annually if production doesn’t meet guaranteed levels.* Easy Save Simple customers may have their bills adjusted each year to more accurately reflect estimated production levels if necessary. Easy Save Monthly customers only pay for the energy their system generates each month, so their production levels are not guaranteed.

* At the end of the first 36-month anniversary of your first monthly payment and each successive 12-month anniversary after that, Sunnova will send you a refund check equal to the difference if the cumulative actual annual kWh generated by the system is less than the guaranteed annual kWh.