FAQs for Sunnova’s Referral Program

Q. What is the referral incentive?

A. Customers will receive a $350 gift card for every homeowner that they refer through Sunnova’s Referral program. (Referrals must lead to solar installation). There is no cap on how many referrals that a customer sends our way. (Customers with a referral incentive that exceeds $599 in a year will receive a 1099 form.)

Q. Can I just refer my friend or family member to go solar by contacting the installer that installed my system?

A. No, if you want to participate in Sunnova’s referral program you will have to fill out the form online in the Sunnova the customer portal.

Q. How do I know that my referral was submitted successfully?

A. You will get an email confirmation and the person that you refer will also get an email letting them know you referred them.

Q. How do I know if a referral goes solar?

A. Customers that referred potential customers can see the status of their referral by clicking on “My Referrals Overview” in the MySunnova portal. Statuses shown are:

1 - Referral Contacted

2 - Proposal Sent

3 - Installation Scheduled

4 - Installation Complete

5 - Gift Card Mailed

Q. How long will it take for me to get my gift card?

A. The gift card is issued within 8 weeks from the date that the Referring customer receives official notice that installation has been completed on the Referred Customer’s Sunnova Solar System. A $350 prepaid Visa gift card will be issued by Group O – 3rd party fulfillment vendor.

Q. Does Sunnova send the gift card to me directly?

A. No, the gift cards will be sent by Group O – 3rd party gift card fulfillment vendor. 

Q. Who do I contact if I have any questions regarding the status of my gift card?

A. GroupO is responsible for fulfilling the gift cards. They will address any issues that may arise. Customers can contact Groupo’s customer care team at 1.800.951.7097 or/and Support@MySunnovaRewards.com.

Q. What happens if I lose my gift card?

A. Please contact GroupO to handle the reissue at 1.800.951.7097 or/and Support@MySunnovaRewards.com

Q. What are the terms and conditions?

A. https://www.sunnova.com/customer-referral-terms-of-service

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