A racking system mounts the panels, and any gaps resulting from installation are sealed. Coverings, such as flashing, may be required. If so, you’ll instantly have additional barriers to protect your roof from the elements. The integrity of your roof will be as preserved as it was before installation — and in some cases, even better.

Will the weight of the panels be too much for my roof?

Solar panels contain solar cells. Most solar cells are made of some form of silicon. Panels also contain metal conductor strips and antireflective coating. Wiring and hardware to attach panels to the roof are also part of your entire solar system. All of these components do not add an unbearable weight load to your roof.

Today’s solar panels don’t weigh much at all -- typically about four pounds per square foot.

That being said, if your roof is damaged or in disrepair before installation, it doesn’t take much additional weight to cause cracks or leaks. But a heavy snowfall is more likely to wreak havoc on your roof than solar panels.