Consumer Lender State Licensing and Registration Information

Sunnova Energy Corporation is currently operating in the following states:

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State License Type License #
Alabama Consumer Credit License Licensed by the State Banking Department of Alabama, Bureau of Loans – Consumer Credit License #MC22973
Arizona Consumer Lender  Licensed by Arizona Department of Insurance and Financial Institutions - NMLS #1027376
Delaware Lender License Licensed by Delaware Office of the State Bank Commissioner
Idaho Regulated Consumer Loan Licensed by Idaho Department of Finance- NMLS #RRL-10702
Iowa Regulated Loan Licensed by Iowa Division of Banking - NMLS #88893584
Kansas Notification Filing Licensed by Kansas Office of the State Bank Commissioner
Maine Consumer Credit Code Notification Licensed by Maine Bureau of Consumer Credit Protection
Maryland Installment Loan Licensed by Maryland Commissioner of Financial Regulation - NMLS #1528616
Michigan Regulated Loan Licensed by the Michigan Department of Insurance and Financial Services, Consumer Finance Section Michigan 1st Mortgage Broker/Lender License - NMLS #RL0023800
Missouri Small Loan Registration Licensed by Missouri Division of Finance
Montana Consumer Loan License Licensed by Montana Division of Banking & Financial Insitutions - NMLS #1528616
New Mexico Small Loan Company License Licensed by the State of New Mexico Regulation and Licensing Departmen Financial Institution Division 
North Dakota Money Broker Licensed by North Dakota Department of Financial Institutions #MB103883
Oklahoma Notification Filing Licensed by Oklahoma Department of Consumer Credit
Puerto Rico Act 68 - Installment Loan Licensed by Commissioner of Financial Institutions Permits and Licensing Division - NMLS #CF-284
South Carolina Notification Filing Licensed by South Caroline Department of Consumer Affairs
South Dakota Money Lender   Licensed by South Dakota Division of Banking - NMLS #1528616.MYL
Tennessee Industrial Loan & Thrift Licensed by the Tennessee Department of Financial Institutions – NMLS #1528616
Utah Notification Filing Licensed by Utah Department of Financial Insititutions
West Virginia Notification Filing Licensed by West Virginia State Tax Department Revenue Division
Wisconsin Consumer Act Registration Licensed by Wisconsin Department of Financial Institutions 


Sunnova Energy Corporation is not licensed in all 50 states or by any United States territories.