Sunnova Protect™ Services

Home Solar Monitoring and Maintenance
for Your Existing Solar System

Help ensure it performs to its maximum potential

Monitoring and maintaining your solar system is a critical component to ensuring optimal system performance. Sunnova Protect™ Services provides peace of mind with around-the-clock monitoring and diagnosis to prevent unexpected, costly outages of your solar system. As a current solar system owner, you can now have the same solar monitoring and maintenance services for your home solar system that we offer to our existing customers. Choose one of our Sunnova Protect™ Services plans1 that best fit your needs, including solar production monitoring, maintenance, repairs and replacements.


  • Prevent Costly

    We monitor your home solar system’s performance 24/7 to ensure it stays up and running.

  • Easy Remote

    If we detect an issue, our solar experts will conduct a remote system assessment to diagnose the problem.

  • Excellent

    With one of our 10-Year Sunnova Protect™ Services plans

    With a 10-year Sunnova Protect™ Basic plan, you will receive a cellular data card replacement in year six at no additional cost. A $500 value!

    With a 10-year Sunnova Protect™ Premium plan, you will receive a new data card in year six, and if you do not have a monitoring system, our experts will install a new solar meter at no additional cost. A total value of $500 + $649!

Sunnova Protect™ Services Plans

Sunnova Protect™ Services plans safeguard your home solar investment to help ensure your solar system performs to its maximum potential.

1-year and 10-year terms available.


Sunnova Protect™ Basic

Sunnova Protect™ Premium

Monitor Monitor + Warranty Repair + Warranty Replace
Features Features 1-Year & 10-Year 1-Year & 10-Year
Solar System Monitoring
  • Performance monitoring
  • Access to production data
  • Easy account management
System Diagnosis
  • Hassle-free, remote assessments
  • Total management of your system's performance
  • Production simulation to determine expected system performance
Corrective Solar Maintenance & Warranty
  • Solar repairs, replacements and associated labor costs for home solar system components that are covered under manufacturer’s warranty only.
Hassle-Free Management of Solar Repairs & Replacements
  • Complete management of repairs and replacements for parts covered under manufacturer’s warranty. We work with the manufacturer to repair and replace home solar system components.

Get Started Today!

Once you sign up, it’s only 3 easy steps to get your home solar system protected.

1. Solar Monitoring - You will provide Sunnova access to your current solar monitor. If you do not have one, we will work to get one installed for you.2

2. Evaluate Your System - By reviewing your solar system via the monitor, we will see if any alerts exist and if your system is having any issues currently.

3. Solar Production Estimate - We use your system's history to complete the production evaluation and will let you know what we believe your system will produce at going forward.

You’re all set! - You now have the peace of mind knowing your system is monitored by a team of experts devoted to ensuring your home solar system operates to its max potential.

1. Different plan options available. Product benefits depend on the plan the customer chooses. Subject to eligibility requirements and optional meter upgrade (additional cost may apply).
2. If you purchased the 10-year Sunnova Protect™ Premium plan, a meter will be installed at no addition cost. With the Sunnova Protect™ Basic plan and 1-year Premium plan, you will be charged $649 as a nonrefundable one-time fee for the meter installation.



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