Puerto Rico will Rise Again

As Puerto Rico begins recuperating and recovering from the effects of Hurricane Maria, Sunnova is already on the ground, working hard to repair, replace and restore solar energy to our customers. Sunnova employees, partners and customers around Puerto Rico and the US mainland have proven that we are a strong, resilient community and are always willing to support each other. 

And we’ll be there, no matter what it takes. Stay strong, Puerto Rico. Sunnova stands with you, always. 

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Sunnova in the Field

Sunnova’s mission for Puerto Rico is simple—restore customer’s systems as quickly as possible, so the moment PREPA’s grid is back in service, our customers’ systems will immediately begin producing low-cost solar energy. 

The system damages identify by our field service technicians are covered by the Sunnova solar service plan: there will be no system repairs out of pocket expenses for our customers.

CEO John Berger discussing the rebuilding of Puerto Rico energy infrastructure with governor Ricardo Rosello.

The Challenges

Despite an abundance of logistical challenges and limited resources, we have already mobilized field service technicians who are currently performing customer site visits to determine the extent of damages on solar systems. 

Due to the lack of power and cellphone coverage, our customer communications have been limited because our digital channels (email and social media) have reached a small percentage of our customers. To support our communications, we have some radio spots running across the Island, informing our customers about the work our field service technicians are doing, in addition to a dedicated page in our website to answer questions about the system performance under the current circumstances.


The number of daily assessment visits we are doing will increase as soon as we have more resources available in the field. 

Our Employees 

In the immediate aftermath of Hurricane Maria, our Houston-based Sunnova team transported resources to support our Puerto Rico-based team. They brought with them: MREs (meals ready to eat), satellite phones, water and cleaning supplies to help the recovery needs of our team on the ground.

Additionally, a team from the Houston corporate office is joining our PR team to support efforts on the ground as the challenging process of rebuilding begins following the storm's devastation. We want to ensure business continuity and economic growth on the island. That means returning to business operations and keeping income flowing to our partners on the island. The spirit of the Sunnova family—our customers, our employees and our partners—is tremendous.



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