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Sunnova Solar Plans

Sunnova offers four types of solar service agreements. They all include our comprehensive warranty package and performance guarantee for zero down, but each comes with its own set of additional benefits.1

At-A-Glance Comparison of Sunnova Solar Service Plans

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Upfront cost $0 $0 $0 $0
Monthly payment Fixed3 Varies4 Fixed5 Fixed6
Purchase option Yes – ownership available after 5 years Yes – ownership available after 5 years Yes – immediate ownership No
Comprehensive warranty Yes Yes Yes Yes
Agreement term 25 years 25 years 25 years 25 years
Federal tax credit to homeowner7 No No Yes No
Production guarantee Yes8 No Yes9,11 Yes9,11
24/7 system monitoring Yes Yes Yes11 Yes
Transferable agreement10 Yes Yes Yes

EZ Pay PPA Plan

With the EZ Pay PPA Plan, customers pay the same amount over 12 months with annual adjustments based on solar production. This plan also offers the option to own the system after five years.

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PPA Plan

The PPA Plan is production-based, meaning customers pay a monthly amount based on the actual energy the system generates each billing cycle. This plan also offers the ownership option after five years.

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EZ Own Plan

With the EZ Own Plan, customers own the solar system from the start. This plan also features fixed monthly payments and guaranteed production levels for the lifetime of the agreement.

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Solar Lease Plan

The Solar Lease Plan comes with fixed monthly payments and guaranteed production levels for the lifetime of the solar service agreement. Ownership is not an option with this plan.

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1 EZ Pay PPA, PPA, EZ Own and the Solar Lease may not be available in every area. All solar service agreements are transferable in the event you sell your home.

2 You will sign a lease contract. No amount is due upon installation. No security deposit is required.  You will lease the solar energy system for a 25-year term. You will make a monthly payment. If you choose a lease plan with escalator, your monthly payment amount will increase each year, effective the first month of the second year, based on the percentage of the applicable annual escalator.  This rate may not measure the overall cost of financing the lease.  An extra charge may be imposed at the end of the lease term.

3 EZ Pay PPA monthly payments are fixed over a 12-month period and may be adjusted annually to more accurately reflect actual production, or to incorporate any escalator that may be included in the solar service agreement.

4 PPA monthly payments will vary based on solar system production.

5 EZ Own monthly payments are fixed unless not optional additional payment is made in month 18.

6 Although the Lease Plan provides fixed payments, they may be adjusted annually to reflect any escalator that is included in the solar service agreement.

7 Homeowners may be eligible for a federal Investment Tax Credit (ITC) with the purchase of a solar.

8 Solar system’s cumulative production will be evaluated at the end of each 12-month service period.

9 Your solar system’s cumulative production will be evaluated each year, beginning on the third anniversary of your service agreement.

10 The Sunnova service plan can be transferred to the new homeowner at Sunnova’s discretion. Some restrictions apply.

11 In the state of Florida, Sunnova does not offer production guarantee or 24/7 system monitoring. Restrictions apply. Refer to your service agreement for complete terms and limitations.

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