Easy Save Monthly

With the Sunnova PPA Plan, you pay for the energy your solar system produces1 -- and nothing more. For zero down, you’ll enjoy a low kWh rate and industry-leading warranty coverage for the lifetime of your solar service. The rate per kWh is fixed, but monthly payments will vary based on production.

Solar production depends on many factors, such as weather, time of day and season of the year. During the sunny summer months, solar systems produce more energy, but in the winter and on cloudy days, they produce less. To account for seasonal variation, solar production is estimated on an annual cycle.

Over the course of a year, the Sunnova PPA Plan can significantly reduce your energy costs. In addition to providing a lower kWh rate than your utility offers, it also limits the amount of electricity you consume from the grid to times when your system isn’t producing power.

PPA Solar Energy Savings

If your utility company provides credit for any excess energy your system produces and sends to the grid, this may help offset your consumption charges and further reduce your total electricity costs. Learn more about net metering.

Save even more up front.

When you sign up for the Sunnova Easy Save Monthly Plan, you have the option of including an escalator in your solar service agreement. The purpose of the escalator is to provide more significant savings in the early years of your agreement. You’ll pay a lower initial rate per kWh in return for a slight increase in your rate each year. The following illustration compares monthly payments over 25 years with and without an escalator.

Purchasing Power vs. Owning the System

The Easy Save Monthly plan is a power purchase agreement (PPA). That means you’re purchasing the power your system generates, rather than the system itself1. It’s the same basic premise as paying for the electricity you consume from your utility’s grid, except power is coming from the panels on your roof. Customers on the Sunnova Easy Save Monthly Plan have the option to purchase the system after five years of service, with continued warranty and insurance coverage. Ownership with no out-of-pocket expenses for maintenance and repairs is the solar equivalent of having your cake and eating it, too.

At-A-Glance Comparison of Sunnova Solar Service Plans

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  Easy Save Simple Easy Save Monthly Easy Own Easy Save
Upfront cost $0 $0 $0 $0
Monthly payment Steady1 Varies2 Steady3 Steady4
Sunnova warranty Yes Yes Yes Yes
Agreement term 25 years 25 years 25 years 25 years
Federal tax credit to homeowner5 No No Yes No
Production guarantee Yes6 No Yes7 Yes7
24/7 system monitoring Yes Yes Yes Yes
Transferable agreement Yes Yes Yes8 Yes
Purchase option Yes – ownership available after 5 years Yes – ownership available after 5 years Yes – immediate ownership No

1 The Easy Save Simple plan is a power purchase agreement (PPA). That means you’re purchasing the power your system generates each month, rather than the system itself.

2 Easy Save Monthly Plan monthly payments will vary based on solar system production.

3 Easy Own monthly payments are fixed unless not optional additional payment is made in month 18.

4 Although the Lease Plan provides fixed payments, they may be adjusted annually to reflect any escalator that is included in the solar service agreement.

5 Homeowners may be eligible for a federal Investment Tax Credit (ITC) with the purchase of a solar system. To receive the full federal tax credit, they must have federal income tax liability at least equal to the value of the tax credit. If homeowners reside in a state that offers the Solar Renewable Energy Certificate (SREC), they must assign ownership of the SREC to Sunnova. Sunnova makes no guarantees regarding homeowner eligibility for tax benefits or SREC and does not provide tax advice.

6 Solar system’s cumulative production will be evaluated at the end of each 12-month service period.

7 Solar system’s cumulative production will be evaluated at the end of each 12-month service period to validate annual performance guarantee.

8 New homeowner is required to meet Sunnova’s credit requirements. Refer to your agreement for conditions and limitations.