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Why Go Solar?

There are many reasons for going solar, but we’ve narrowed it down to what we consider the top three motivators for most people.


Lower electricity bills for the long term -- consumption from the grid is reduced to nights and cloudy days.


Protection against rising utility costs -- solar energy costs less than conventional electricity in most markets, especially those with a centralized utility.


Clean, sustainable energy -- join the solar revolution and do something good for the environment while saving money.


Why Choose Sunnova Solar as a Service?

What does Sunnova Solar as a Service mean? It means not having to come up with a down payment in order to go solar. It also means never worrying about out-of-pocket expenses for maintenance and repairs -- for the lifetime of your solar service agreement. Our warranty package covers all that. We also provide 24/7 monitoring1 to make sure your system produces the amount of power outlined in your agreement.

There’s a reason we call it worry-free solar. Well, actually, there are several. Since everybody loves a good list, we’ve boiled down our main benefits into the top five reasons to choose Sunnova Solar as a Service:

  1. Zero down2

    One of the greatest challenges to going solar with traditional financing is coming up with a down payment. This isn’t a problem with Sunnova because we don’t require any upfront costs.

  2. Consistently low rate per kWh

    Conventional electricity rates are volatile and have historically increased over time because they’re tied to commodity markets. Sunnova gives you the peace of mind that comes from consistently low kWh rates and predictable monthly payments.

  3. Quality standards

    Our commitment to quality is unsurpassed in the energy industry. All design plans and installations must pass our rigorous standards before they are approved. Once Sunnova reviews a system and it is installed, we monitor its production 24/7 to ensure optimal production -- for the lifetime of the solar service agreement.

  4. industry-leading warranty

    Peace of mind is priceless. That’s why we back every solar system we install with a industry-leading warranty package that covers maintenance and repairs for the lifetime of the solar service agreement.

  5. Transferable agreement

    The only thing constant in life is change, so we understand the need for flexibility. If you sell your home, you can easily transfer your solar service agreement to the new homeowner.

A down payment is required for Sunnova SunSafeTM products in Puerto Rico.

Different terms may apply in Puerto Rico.

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