Easy Save Plans

Lease1 your home solar equipment with the Sunnova Easy Save plan, and enjoy the peace of mind of better controlling your monthly energy costs, and reducing your reliance to the grid. Your lease includes Sunnova ProtectTM, our industry-leading warranty that covers out-of-pocket expenses for maintenance or repairs, plus.

Seasonal changes with solar

It’s normal for solar production to fluctuate during seasonal changes throughout the year. Solar energy production depends on the amount of sunlight that is absorbed by home solar panels. Factors like weather, season, shade and time of day can impact your home solar system’s performance.

During summer months, your home solar system will perform more efficiently because the days are longer. In contrast, during the winter months or cloudy days, you may experience a weaker performance of your system.

Seasonal changes with solar

Net metering is available for home solar residents in Florida, so learn how to earn credit for any surplus solar sent back to the grid. Check with your utility provider to learn more about a home solar credit for any excess energy that your system generates.

Take advantage of the escalator option

When you sign up for the Sunnova Easy Saveyou have the option to include an escalator in your solar service agreement. The escalator offers a lower monthly payment in the earlier years of the home solar lease agreement with a slight, predictable, increase in your monthly payment each year. The following illustration compares monthly payments over 25 years with and without an escalator.


Comparison of Monthly Payments

At-A-Glance Comparison of Sunnova Solar Service Plans

Upfront cost $0 $0
Monthly payment Steady2 Steady3
Purchase option Yes – immediate ownership No
Sunnova warranty Yes Yes
Agreement term 25 years 25 years
Federal tax credit to homeowner Yes4 No
Transferable agreement5 Yes Yes

1 You will sign a lease contract. No amount is due upon installation. No security deposit is required.  You will lease the solar energy system for a 25-year term. You will make a monthly payment. If you choose a lease plan with escalator, your monthly payment amount will increase each year, effective the first month of the second year, based on the percentage of the applicable annual escalator.  This rate may not measure the overall cost of financing the lease.  An extra charge may be imposed at the end of the lease term.

2 Easy Own monthly payments are fixed unless you choose not to make the optional additional payment in month 18.

Although the Sunnova Easy Save Plan provides fixed payments, they may be adjusted annually to reflect any escalator that is included in the solar service agreement.

4 Homeowners may be eligible for a federal Investment Tax Credit (ITC) with the purchase of a solar system. To receive the full federal tax credit, they must have federal income tax liability at least equal to the value of the tax credit. If homeowners reside in a state that offers the Solar Renewable Energy Certificate (SREC), they must assign ownership of the SREC to Sunnova. Sunnova makes no guarantees regarding homeowner eligibility for tax benefits or SREC and does not provide tax advice.

5 New homeowner is required to meet Sunnova’s credit requirements. Refer to your agreement for conditions and limitations.