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Why Go Solar in Minnesota

  • Protection Against the Unexpected

    With the Sunnova Protect™ Premium coverage Plan, we will repair or replace any system components covered under the manufacturer’s warranty.

  • Unmatched Production Guarantee

    With the Sunnova Protect™ Platinum coverage plan, we guarantee the system will produce within 85% of the energy promised in our agreement, or we'll refund you the difference.1

Hassle-Free, Convenient Home Solar Maintenance

Our Sunnova Protect™ Premium and Platinum coverage plans offer unmatched coverage for maintenance, equipment repairs and replacements for the term of the agreement. With a Platinum plan, we manage the repair or replacement for all system components from start to finish. With a Premium plan, we manage the repair or replacement for components covered under manufacturer’s warranty from start to finish. In both cases, we take on the hassle of negotiating with manufacturers, handling your claim, scheduling, and managing the removal and replacement. There’s no hassle or guessing, we’ll take care of it.


Sunnova Solar Offerings in Minnesota

Sunnova Offers a Variety of Ways to Go Solar in Minnesota


  Home Solar
Plan Sunnova Easy Save (Lease) Sunnova Easy Own (Loan)
Plan Description Steady monthly payments to lease your home solar system equipment – may include an optional escalator. Steady monthly payments to own your home solar system equipment.
System Ownership Sunnova Homeowner
Coverage 25-Year Sunnova Protect™ Platinum 25-Year Sunnova Protect™ Premium with option to upgrade to the 25-Year Sunnova Protect™ Platinu



Sunnova Protect™ Service

Home solar protection for 25 years.



    System Monitoring & Diagnosis


    Corrective Maintenance & Warranty2


    Hassle-Free Management of Repairs & Replacements


    Roof Penetration Warranty3


    System Production Guarantee4

Frequently Asked Questions


If your home solar system is tied to your utility (grid-tied) and you don’t have a battery, your home solar system will not work during a power outage. You will not be able to produce or consume solar energy while the grid is down.

In order to have power during a power outage, you will need a home solar + battery storage system.2

  • During the day, if there is sun: your solar panels will power your home, and any excess energy will charge your battery.
  • At night: your battery can power your essential lights and appliances until it depletes.

Yes! Through our customer portal MySunnova, you can pay your bill online, view your system production, and more.

You can monitor your solar system’s production in the “Monitoring” section of our MySunnova customer portal. The reading of your meter is delayed approximately 24 hours.

To ensure optimal performance of your solar system, Sunnova also monitors every system 24/7 at no additional cost.

Solar panels are extremely durable and built to withstand the elements. As a Sunnova customer, your responsibilities will include:

  • Trim any trees around your solar system that may block the sun from reaching your solar panels.
  • Check that there is no accumulation of leaves, debris, snow, or critters under the solar panels.
  • In more arid climate, you may need to spray your solar panels with a hose to wash off built-up dust and dirt. You can do this while standing on the ground – we strongly advise against you climbing on your roof for any reason.

Each month, you will receive either a bill or a statement from your utility company, in addition to your Sunnova bill. This is because your home solar system will be grid-tied – during times of low or no solar production, you may need to pull electricity from your utility. You may also be eligible for net metering credits for energy your home solar system exports back to your utility.

If the utility company sends monthly statements in lieu of an actual bill with an amount due, you can expect an annual reconciliation of all electricity usage charges and credits.4

MySunnova Customer Portal

Monitor Your Solar Production and Battery Charge - Sunnova customers have access to our MySunnova portal, where you can monitor your solar production and battery charge, manage your billing options, and more. We also proactively monitor your solar system, and we'll alert you to any issues.

1. If your system does not produce the promised amount of energy outlined in your agreement, we’ll refund you the difference, up to 50% of the contract price.
2. Sunnova may charge regular service fees for labor costs not covered by the manufacturer’s warranty.
3. Your roof is warranted against leaks from the solar system installation for 10 years. This is separate from any additional warranties you may receive if you also have a new roof installed with your home solar system, including roof installation workmanship and materials warranties.
4. Your solar system production will vary based on weather, shading and other factors and your solar system’s cumulative production will be evaluated annually starting at the end of the third anniversary for purposes of your production guarantee. If your system does not produce the promised amount of energy outlined in your agreement, we’ll refund you the difference, up to 50% of the contract price.
5. Refer to your Sunnova Protect™ Warranty Agreement or Sunnova Protect™ Limited Warranty Agreement for your complete warranty terms and limitations.



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