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Protect Your Solar System with Our Sunnova Protect™ Service Plans.

What is a Sunnova Protect™ Service Plan?

A Sunnova Protect™ Service plan is an extended service contract that protects your home solar system, even if your solar system was not originally installed by Sunnova. All service plans include our professional solar production monitoring, and certain plans include solar system maintenance and our production guarantee.

  • System Monitoring and Diagnosis

    We proactively monitor your home solar system. If something goes wrong, we let you know right away so you can take steps to address it.

    Available plans:

    • Basic
    • Premium
    • Platinum
  • Eliminate Out-Of-Pocket Expenses

    Our warranty covers equipment repairs and part replacements. If there are any issues with your solar system, our expert team will manage any maintenance and repairs.

    Available plans:

    • Premium - covers parts under manufacturer's warranty
    • Platinum - covers all system components unless previously excluded from coverage
  • Production Guarantee

    If your solar system does not produce the amount of energy we estimate over the term of your Sunnova Protect™ Service plan agreement, we’ll refund you the difference at up to 50% of the contract price.

    Available plans:

    • Platinum

Sunnova Protect™ Service Plans2


Monitor + Warranty Repair + Warranty Replace
Monitor + Repair + Replace + Guarantee
System Monitoring
Performance monitoring
Proactive service alerts
Access to production data
Easy account management
Corrective Maintenance & Warranty3
Service protection for your solar system  
Management of repairs  
Coverage for the life of your agreement  
Expert-managed, hassle-free replacements3  
Little to no out-of-pocket replacements    
System Production Guarantee4
85% production guarantee of Sunnova’s estimate, or we'll credit you the difference up to 50% of the contract price    

Get Started Today

  1. Access your solar monitoring
    You will either provide Sunnova access to your current solar monitor or, if you don’t currently have a monitor, we will install one for you.
  2. Evaluate your system
    By reviewing your solar system via the monitor, we will see if any alerts exist and if your system is having any issues currently.
  3. Estimate your solar production
    We use your system's history to complete the production evaluation and will let you know what we believe your system will produce at going forward. If you have a platinum plan, you will receive a production guarantee for this estimate.3
  4. You’re all set!
    You can now rest better knowing your system is covered by a team of experts devoted to ensuring your system operates to its max potential.

1. If you do not currently have the ability to monitor your system’s production, we will provide you with and install a compatible meter for the system.
2. Different plan options available. Product benefits depend on the plan the customer chooses. Platinum plan not available in Arizona.
3. Premium Plan: components covered under manufacturer's warranty, including labor. Platinum Plan: all system components, including labor
4. Available with the Platinum Plan only. If your system does not produce the promised amount of energy outlined in your agreement, we’ll refund you the difference, up to 50% of the contract price.



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