Ongoing Mission

The broader mission of the Sunnova Energy Foundation is to provide relief in response to disasters and emergency hardships suffered by employees of Sunnova Energy Corporation. As such, the Sunnova Energy Foundation is a vehicle by which interested individuals or companies may assist Sunnova employees suffering hardships as a result of severe weather events such as Hurricanes Harvey and Maria.

The Foundation is being seeded with contributions from the Sunnova Energy Corporation, from the senior executive team, and from our Board members. Although the initial focus will be on helping Hurricanes Harvey and Maria victims, it will be an ongoing Foundation to which employees may contribute and apply for assistance when they face significant financial hardships such as from natural disasters.

To learn more about our efforts to help rebuild Puerto Rico, click here.

Sunnova Energy Foundation, 20 Greenway Plaza, Suite 475, Houston, TX 77046, is a non-profit organization with the Federal ID: 82-2733704. Sunnova Energy Foundation anticipates that it will be recognized as tax-exempt under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code and Sunnova Energy Foundation anticipates that your donation will tax deductible as a charitable contribution.

Foundation Work

Both Hurricanes Harvey and Maria significantly impacted many on Sunnova’s team. Some employees and their families evacuated with only a few things in tow and had to wait for the floods to recede, only to learn that their homes were partially or fully flooded. Total losses continue to add up for many. Cars are totaled. Belongings are destroyed. Lives were unequivocally changed forever.

In the immediate aftermath of these disasters, Sunnova mobilized volunteers, donations and resources to support employees and families of employees. Sunnova continues supporting employees as they work to re-establish some semblance of normal lives. This work includes providing financial support, arranging places to stay, opening kitchens for food and closets for clothes, addressing temporary transportation needs, and mobilizing crews to help demolition and construction for homes significantly impacted by hurricanes and flooding.

Sunnova is honored by the outpouring of concern and gratitude from both within our Sunnova family and from friends, partners and colleagues in the Sunnova network and amazed by the creative, resourceful and strong spirited team that continues helping one another get through these difficulties.


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Applying for a Grant

To apply for a grant from the Foundation,
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Hurricane Harvey – Closed.
Hurricane Maria – Closed.
Other Hardships – Open As Needed.

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