Go Solar And Get $1500

Get $1500 After Your System Is Installed

Making the change to solar energy can help you save money by reducing your monthly electric bill, while also giving the ones you love peace of mind during uncertain times.

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Sign up before May 31st and Trinity will send you $1500 after your system is installed.


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  • Trinity Phone

    Trinity is now providing its customers with consultations over the phone and internet. We are able to determine if a home qualifies for solar remotely and free of charge.

  • Trinity Solar

    The incentive is available for our no-cost solar installations as well as our direct purchase solar installations.


* Offer only valid for contracts signed from March 21st to May 31st 202 for residents of NJ, NY, CT, MA and RI. Individual savings will vary based on your utility rate, your energy consumption habits, the solar system equipment installed on your property, your tax incentives eligibility, weather and other factors. Individual savings estimates are based on your solar energy production, your solar kWh rate, potential tax incentives, your utility kWh rate at the time of purchase, and projected increases in the utility rate (based on historical data and national averages). Estimates do not take into consideration other changes in utility rates. Such changes could affect your overall estimated savings. Trinity does not guarantee savings.