Increase Your Energy Independence

From Sunnova’s Founder and CEO,
William J. (John) Berger

Welcome, and thanks for visiting us to learn more about Sunnova and benefits of Sunnova +SunSafe® add-on battery service.

As I mentioned in the letter you received, a battery storage system from Sunnova, when coupled with your existing home solar system, can truly give you the energy independence you need.

I’m excited you’re here, exploring all that Sunnova has to offer.

The Power of Sunnova +SunSafe® Add-on Battery Storage



    Power When You Need It Most

    Unlike a solar-only system, with Sunnova +SunSafe® you get resilient backup power to run your essential appliances during a power outage.1


    Store Your Own Power

    Increase your energy independence by storing excess home solar production in your battery for later use.


    Battery Protection

    Gain confidence knowing your battery is covered by a manufacturer’s warranty. Sunnova will coordinate all maintanence and repairs to ensure your experience is hassle-free.7


    Innovative Battery Technology

    Your local solar experts will install an industry-leading, high-efficiency Enphase Encharge 10™ .




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Take Advantage of These Special Offers

$1,000 Visa Prepaid Reward Card2
Mailed to you after your system is placed in service

$0 Down, 0% APR3
You may be eligible to add a battery to your existing home solar system for little to no upfront costs and 0% APR financing.

Up to 26% in Federal Tax Credits4
You may be eligible to claim 26% of the system’s cost on your federal taxes for 2021.

Plus, get our 10-year Sunnova Protect® Basic service
plan at no cost to you – a $599 value5

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Potential Costs of a Power Outage
Get resilient power by adding Sunnova +SunSafe® battery to your existing home solar system.



    Hotel Room Per Night


    Source: Average Hotel Room Rate in the US


    Refrigerator Loss


    Source: Average refrigerator prices vary depending on the type


    Food and Perishable Loss


    Source: Based on December 2019 US Average weekly cost for low and high food plans of a family of 4 with children either between the ranges of 2-3 and 4-5 years or 6-8 and 9-11 years


    Flood Damage When Sump Pump Doesn’t Work

    Up to or more than $25,000

    Source: Why Buy Flood Insurance



Enjoy the Freedom to Live Life Uninterrupted®

Reduce your dependence on the grid. Power your home with the solar energy stored
in your battery, even when the sun goes down.6

Top-Brand Battery
We only install industry-leading, proven technology like Enphase Encharge 10™

Coverage for up to 25 years7
Hassle-free repairs and replacements are covered under the manufacturer’s limited warranty and Sunnova’s additional coverage for 25 years

Resilient Backup Power
During a power outage, your battery can power your most needed lights and appliances, and sometimes your whole home.

1. The amount of power available from the battery during a power outage is limited, depending on the loads connected, customer usage and battery configuration (i.e. batteries in certain areas may be set up to provide you with the best economic benefit, which may affect the amount of back-up power available). Solar systems and/or batteries may require repairs after weather events and such repairs may be delayed due to forces outside of our control. No assurances can be given that the solar system or the battery will always work. You should never rely upon either of these to power life support or other medical devices.
2. To be eligible for this offer, the Sunnova Customer Agreement for the Sunnova Service must be signed on or after May 17, 2021. Sunnova Customer Agreements signed prior to this date are not eligible for this offer. Offer available through 2021 and may be extended. Reward Card will be issued as a Visa Prepaid Reward Card and will be mailed within 8 weeks after the system is placed in service. Rewards may be taxable, depending on the value of applicable Reward and the applicable federal, state, and local tax laws. The Reward Program is void where prohibited by federal, state, or local law (e.g. Maryland, Guam, Puerto Rico, Saipan). View the full Reward Program Terms and Conditions.
3. For well qualified buyers. 0% APR for 180 months (if payments made by ACH), no down payment required, available for existing Sunnova home solar customers and new (non-Sunnova) customers with existing home solar systems. Monthly payment of $5.56 for every $1,000 financed. Excludes tax. Credit score may impact APR and down payment requirements. Not all customers will qualify for credit. APR offer may not be available in all markets. APR offer ends 12/31/2021 or as extended.
4. You may be eligible for a federal tax credit with the purchase of an energy storage system. To qualify for the tax credit, you must have federal income tax liability at least equal to the value of the tax credit. Additional tax credits may also be available for homeowners in certain states. Tax incentives are subject to change or termination by executive, legislative or regulatory action. Sunnova makes no guarantees regarding eligibility of any of the system’s costs for tax benefits. Sunnova does not provide tax advice. Contact your personal tax advisor for eligibility requirements.
5. If you do not currently have the ability to monitor your system’s production, we will provide you with and install a compatible meter for the system for a one-time up-front cost of $649.
6. Applicable to all battery configurations except backup power.
7. Your battery is covered by the manufacturer’s limited warranty and Sunnova has procured a service agreement by which it can continue to seek service and repairs for your battery for an additional five years. Refer to the Limited Warranty and the manufacturer’s limited warranty for complete limited warranty terms and limitations.



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