25 Years of Savings and Support is a Good Thing

Why a Home Solar Warranty is Important

A Q&A with CEO William J. (John) Berger about Sunnova’s 25-Year Solar Service Agreement

If you’re a homeowner who wants to save money on power, and make a smaller impact on the environment, then solar from Sunnova is perfect for you and your family.

Join the thousands of customers who are choosing Solar as a Service from Sunnova and enjoy the simplicity! All you do is pay a low rate for power and Sunnova works with local installation partners to take care of the equipment installation that powers your Sunnova service.

Our 25-Year Agreement and Guarantee

At Sunnova, we offer a 25-year Solar Service Agreement (SSA) because we think it’s the best way to save our customers money. Here are some Q&As with Sunnova CEO, William J. (John) Berger, about the 25-year agreement:

Q: Why does Sunnova offer a 25-year agreement? Seems like a long time.

A: 25 years may sound like a long time but we are committed to taking care of our customers and saving them money for the long term. Should you decide to move at any time, you can easily transfer the agreement to the new homeowner when you sell your home. Remember, your current power supplier has an even longer term – forever! Sunnova gives you the ability to lock-in a lower electric rate for 25 years. So, while the utility rates increase, your rate with Sunnova stays the same. Also, remember, while some components of a solar power system may have long manufacturer warranties, others do not. It takes only a small component to fail for a system to go down. With Sunnova, you have peace of mind knowing we will cover maintenance for any component failure to keep your solar power service on and keep the savings rolling in. We want to be your power partner for 25 years and when we say partner, we mean it. Any problems, any concerns, call us. You never have to worry.

Q: With Sunnova, will I pay less for power over 25 years than I would with a traditional utility company contract?

A: Since utility companies typically increase rates on average by 3%1 annually, you will continue to save with a rate lower than the utility rate. Over the 25-year agreement with Sunnova, you’ll continue to accumulate savings over time.

Q: What happens if the solar panels fail, even after 20 years?

A: You’re covered at no cost to you. The biggest myth by far, is that solar power systems are going to take care of themselves for the next 25 years with no maintenance and insurance expense. This is simply not true. No piece of equipment will maintain itself for 25 years. With the Sunnova SSA, you receive a comprehensive warranty package that provides you with worry-free electricity service for the life of the agreement. Maintaining the average solar power system can cost thousands over the years if you own the solar power system yourself. Also, Sunnova brings the scale of thousands of customers to a repair that an individual cannot match. Let us take care of everything — you just enjoy the clean, low-cost power.

Q: What happens if I move?

A: Your SSA is 100% transferable to the new owner similarly to how your current utility transfers its service to a new homeowner. We know a lot can change over 25 years and your solar power service should be the least of your worries when you move. We’ve designed our SSAs to be flexible and it’s simple to transfer your SSA to the new homeowner. And whoever moves in will like paying less for electricity, too.

Q: Which is the best option – paying cash for a solar power system or solar as a service?

A: There are four very important factors to consider when deciding whether to purchase versus using solar as a service.

  1. Being financially savvy – The economic returns of purchasing a solar system are only valid if you value your money at 0% and you receive all of the power the system produces over the life of the system. A better return on your money would be to invest what you would have paid for the system in stocks, bonds or real estate. Your returns would be greater and your money is not tied up in equipment. With solar as a service, you can easily transfer the agreement to the new homeowner so that you are only paying for the electricity you need when you need it versus paying a large sum up front.
  1. Selling your home – If you purchase your solar power system, you are relying on the fact that the new homeowner will pay enough more for your home to compensate for your solar investment especially if you plan to move in under 10 years. Unfortunately, that is most likely not the case. Even though there is one study3 indicating homeowners may pay a little more, that study doesn’t indicate a homeowner would be able recoup their total investment including maintenance. It’s a similar scenario to building a pool. Homebuyers just don’t pay more. In contrast, with solar as a service you save immediately and are able to easily transfer the service to the new homeowner.
  1. Maintenance costs – It’s important to factor in maintenance costs when purchasing a solar power system. As mentioned above maintenance can be costly unless you choose solar as a service.
  1. System Performance Monitoring – If you purchase the solar power system, how do you know if it’s performing optimally? With solar as a service, we monitor performance to ensure it’s producing electricity as it should.

Q: Can I take my solar power system to my new home?

A: One of the three transfer options is to move the solar power system to your new home within a 20-mile radius. However, depending on the difference in size and energy requirements between your old and new home, the simplest way to bring solar to your new home is to execute a new contract with a solar power system that is sized for your electricity needs in order to maximize your savings.

Q: What happens if I am still in a contract with Sunnova and something were to happen to me?

A: It’s good to ask the tough questions. When it’s time to pass your home ownership to your heirs, your SSA is fully transferable to them. They’ll reap the benefits of your decision to partner with Sunnova and you’ll pass electricity savings down for generations. A legacy of savings.

Q: How do I know that my solar power system is performing at its best?

A: As a Sunnova customer, all you have to do is pay your low monthly rate. We offer a Monitoring and Performance Guarantee, which means we regularly monitor solar power system production so you don’t have to. You can also go online anytime to see your system production numbers and how much you are saving. Let us be the power service experts while you reap the rewards and peace of mind.

If you have any other questions about our Solar Service Agreement or just want more information about solar power from Sunnova, don’t hesitate to call your customer service team at 1-855-277-6379 or email us at customerservice@sunnova.com.

Thank you for considering Sunnova. We look forward to being your power partner and making sure you have clean, worry-free electricity for years to come.

William J. (John) Berger

CEO I Sunnova

1 A 50-year average according to the U.S. Energy Information Administration: