Our Solar Service Plans are 25 Years Long. Here's Why.

Each of our solar service plans is designed around a 25-year agreement term. That number wasn’t chosen at random; it was chosen to maximize customer savings and ensure every Sunnova solar power system is warrantied for a very long time.

Think about it like a mortgage. Houses are pretty expensive to buy outright. But, when you spread the cost of a home out over 30 years of monthly payments, it becomes as affordable as an apartment. It’s the same premise with solar.

Making solar affordable

Depending on where you live, an average-sized system can cost anywhere from $18,000 to $30,000. It’s not as expensive as a few years ago, but still more expensive than most people can afford outright. By spreading the cost of a system over 25 years of monthly payments, a solar system isn’t just affordable, it actually saves you money. That’s because every kilowatt-hour that system produces is less expensive than what your utility charges.

In fact, before you sign up for solar with Sunnova, we run the numbers. If we don’t think solar will save you money, we don’t sign you up.

We know 25 years seems like a long time. But you’ll always need electricity and without solar, your electricity prices will always be whatever the utility says they are — and they almost always go up. With solar from Sunnova, you know exactly how much you’ll pay for every kilowatt-hour, for 25 years.

With a comprehensive warranty

And we know your system will last that long for two reasons: 1. The major components of a solar system are really robust, with an average lifespan of 20+ years. 2. We cover every piece of the system, from the panels and inverters to the wiring, with a comprehensive warranty for 25 years. If any issue pops up with a Sunnova system, we’ll send someone out to fix it and replace any needed parts at no additional cost to you.

With low monthly payments and a warranty that ensures your system keeps humming along for decades, we really believe in saving you money.