Out of the Shadows: 5 Top Solar Myths Revealed

You already know solar power is good for the environment and your pocketbook. So what’s holding you back? Perhaps it’s a matter of the rumor mill. Below, we shine some light on the most common myths.

Solar doesn’t work unless you live in the sunny south or along the coast

We’re told to slather on sunscreen even when it’s shady because UV rays blast through cloud cover.

The same concept applies to solar energy.

Solar panels absorb all available solar radiation including UV rays. That means the same UV rays that penetrate our skin on cloudy days also penetrate solar panels on cloudy days. Case in point: Germany, generally recognized as a rather rainy region, is a top leader in residential solar.

While a south-facing roof is optimal, it’s not necessary. Today’s photovoltaic solar panels can be positioned to capture solar energy from other directions. Even landlocked states benefit from solar power -- Sunnova has customers in Colorado, Missouri and Indiana.

I can go off-grid if I go solar

This is still a work in progress, although the idea is definitely picking up steam as several companies are on a quest to develop the perfect off-grid solar storage system. The Department of Energy recently announced $18 million in funding for six new projects across the United States to help develop cost-effective solar technologies that utilize energy storage.  Solar batteries are on the forefront as net-metering policies across the country are being re-evaluated. In fact, Sunnova is currently piloting battery storage in Saipan. Although most of you will still be connected to the grid for now, battery storage independent of the grid is just around the corner.

The panels will damage my roof. And they’re ugly

A racking system mounts solar panels to the roof, and any gaps resulting from installation will be sealed. Coverings (such as flashing) may be required. If so, you’ll instantly have additional barriers to protect your roof from the elements. Total bonus! Read more about residential solar systems here.

As for solar panels being an eyesore, discreet options are now available. This is an aesthetically-pleasing win-win-win for you, your neighbors and your HOA.

Solar panels vs. Mother Nature

Mother Nature herself gives us the source to go solar, but she tends to have a wrathful side in the form of hurricanes, tornadoes and blizzards. Don’t worry. Today’s solar panels are designed to withstand hurricane-force winds, high-speed hail and heavy-duty snow.

I can’t afford it

In the old days, folks had to pony up thousands of dollars in advance to install solar systems. Not anymore. All you need to do is sign a Sunnova solar service agreement and you should begin saving money today, as well as throughout the lifetime of your agreement.