Solar is Better with Friends

inside Sunnova

What are the benefits of going solar?

If you guessed the opportunity to lower your energy costs and do something great for the environment, you’d be partially right.

Here at Sunnova, we offer an added benefit to going solar - our customers can receive a referral incentive if they successfully refer their friends to go solar with Sunnova. 

We generously reward our customers with a $350 Visa Prepaid Reward Card once their friend’s home solar system is installed and generating energy!

With Sunnova, referring friends is easy.

  • We provide an easy and fast way to submit referrals in the MySunnova account portal that each customer has access to
  • We show the status of each referral so a customer knows when they will receive their gift card
  • We do not cap the number of referrals

Since 2012, Sunnova has been a leader in residential solar, battery storage, and home solar maintenance and monitoring. As a Sunnova customer, you can easily submit referrals, track referrals, and earn unlimited rewards.

Ready to get started? Log in to MySunnova and navigate to the Referral tab.