Why Service Matters: The Importance of Your Solar Service Provider

Installing solar panels on your home can be a long process that requires a fair amount of research and a thorough understanding of all the issues surrounding this clean, renewable energy source. Thankfully, solar providers can streamline the entire process while ensuring you receive the best solar service possible. Here are just a few of the biggest reasons why service matters when you go solar:

Making solar panel installations easier

The first steps in the solar panel installation process are all about research. Installing solar panels requires more than simply tossing a few modules on your rooftop and calling it a day. You need to figure out which module type works best for your particular situation, both financially and technically. You should ask yourself:

  • How can I most effectively align the panels for maximum insolation capture?
  • How do I operate and maintain the balance of a system that includes the wiring, switches, mounting gear, etc.?
  • How much should I be spending on solar panel installation?

These are just a few of the factors to consider before, during and after installing the solar system. As you can see, there's a lot to learn.

Here's the good news: Solar services providers can answer a lot of these questions for you, right up front. As noted by SolarNation, full-service solar providers handle the project management of the entire installation with their own highly trained and experienced team of certified installers. This reduces, and sometimes even eliminates, the bulk of the issues facing homeowners who want to install solar panels. Instead of having to go through the time-consuming process of learning the ins and outs of the solar power conversion process, a solar service provider does the work for you and makes solar panel installations easy.

Reducing solar panel costs

Saving money on your electricity bill is no doubt one of, if not THE, main reason for installing solar panels. So reducing the costs associated with a solar panel installation goes hand in hand with this goal. Fortunately, there are numerous federal, state and local-level incentives available for homeowners looking to install solar panels.

However, navigating through the forms and information related to all of these deals and tax exemptions can be exhausting and overwhelming for homeowners. Once again, this is where solar service providers step in. These companies deftly maneuver this bureaucratic labyrinth, ensuring you obtain the best deals possible to reduce the cost of your solar panel installation.

Long-term benefits of solar service providers

A solar service provider offers many benefits that do not come with traditional solar system ownership. Although solar companies manufacture panels to be highly durable and reliable to withstand exposure to the elements for several decades, this equipment will occasionally need repairs and/or maintenance. Outright solar panel ownership requires consumers to handle any repairs and maintenance, which comes right out of their own pocket.

Solar service providers, on the other hand, will usually pay for any repairs and maintenance or send out their own technicians to handle these issues. According to Solar Industry Magazine, the service providers have the health of the PV industry in their best interest as they also want to ensure your panels are optimizing their solar energy generation.

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