Sunnova Energy Corporation Calls ITC’s Latest Ruling ‘Unfortunate and Grossly Unnecessary’

HOUSTON, TX — Following the International Trade Commission’s (ITC) early ruling recommending that President Trump back tariffs on solar technology, Sunnova Energy Corporation’s Chief Executive Officer William J. (John) Berger released the following statement:

“The ITC’s suggestions for ‘remedies’ represents an unfortunate and grossly unnecessary potential intrusion of the federal government into a market that is already working. Artificially inflating prices at the behest of a few poorly-run, foreign-owned companies not only harms U.S. consumers but it abuses a process that was meant to protect U.S. companies from truly unfair trade practices.”

“Sunnova has consistently opposed subsidies and other market-distorting measures, and we urge the Trump Administration to reject this effort in its entirety. As an Executive of an American solar business, I will always compete in a manner consistent with free market principles, and urge the U.S. government to not stand in the way of America’s growing solar industry and its healthy competition by imposing subsidies that distort the market and cost Americans valuable jobs.”



Sunnova is a different kind of power company, offering rooftop solar service to homeowners in the United States and its territories through our network of local sales and installation partners. Our mission is to change the energy industry by providing the choice of low-cost, worry-free solar power that generates long-term savings for our customers and continued business growth for partners.

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