Service Redefined

Every Sunnova solar service agreement provides a comprehensive warranty and insurance package that covers maintenance and repairs to the system for the lifetime of the agreement.

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Guaranteed Performance

We work closely with our network of local partners to ensure the convenient, efficient installation of your customized solar system. Once it is installed, we monitor your system 24/7.

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Better Business

We’re changing the energy industry to bring you better service. Our partnership with qualified regional installers streamlines the logistics of going solar and contributes to the local economy.

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Protect Your Solar Investment

Nearly 60,000 Sunnova customers already enjoy peace of mind with our best-in-class Sunnova Protect warranty. Now, our warranty is available to anyone who owns their home solar system!

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Powering change.

Sunnova is a different kind of power company, and our business strategy proves it. We partner with the best and brightest solar experts in the areas we serve to provide customers nationwide with low-cost, worry-free solar power while supporting the local economy. So, when you choose Sunnova, you’re not only choosing to lower your energy costs for 25 years -- you’re also making a decision that’s good for your community and the environment. And that’s a choice everybody can live with.

We’re changing the energy industry for the better. Be part of something big with us.

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Global vision, local focus

Sunnova is turning homes into energy-saving powerhouses from sea to shining sea -- and beyond. We work with qualified contractors in the regions we serve to provide broad expertise and responsive service with a local feel.

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"My installation partner was very knowledgeable and answered all of my questions regarding solar energy and the installation of the solar panels. Sunnova is among the leading companies offering energy at a lower cost than my current utility company, and they stand by their products and services."

- Peter Akiyama Concord, CA

"Our highest energy bill with PREPA went up to $225 a month. Currently, with Sunnova, we are on a fixed monthly payment of $140, with savings of more than $80. Additionally, we are helping the environment because we are using clean energy. We are happy with the company’s service and support."

- Melanio Aguayo San Juan, Puerto Rico

"I acquired a Sunnova solar system over a year ago and was very pleased with the professionalism that they preformed. I am now experiencing a much needed savings in my electric bill. I was told it would take awhile until the system was working to its full potential. I am now seeing savings in my electric bill. It’s most rewarding in those long hot summers with air conditioning running all day knowing I can leave it on and really enjoy it. Should have got this system sooner, but I am very happy I got it now.”

- Ken Bruns San Diego, CA

"After being hounded by other solar companies, I was pleasantly surprised by Sunnova and their installation partner’s process and professionalism. Everything moved quickly, was well communicated, and now I’m excited to get solar up and running on my home. I’ve already told my neighbors how impressed I am with Sunnova."

- Donna Lotz Calimesa, CA

"Everyone I worked with was professional and kept me informed all the way through the entire process."

- Gloria Cryer Peoria, AZ

"I’m at ease with my decision to go solar with Sunnova, knowing that they gave me a more than fair price. I can relax without worrying that my electric bill will shoot sky high."

- Paul Gamboa Chino, CA

"The entire installation was done in a clean and timely fashion. Sunnova’s partner was very knowledgeable and efficient. There was no waste of time or materials."

- John Scarpa Holland, IN

"Installation was very well organized and very clean. We love seeing our electric meter run backwards!"

- Suzan Lindsey Winchester, CA

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