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Why build with Sunnova?




We were built by homebuilders for homebuilders with more than 50,000 systems in over 600 communities.


We continuously test new technology to ensure it’s safe and reliable for you and your homeowners.


We offer no upfront cost solar programs for both homebuilders and their homebuyers.


About Us

We are a leading national residential solar and energy storage provider with a specialized team dedicated to the homebuilding industry. Our experience in the new home sector means we understand the complexities of homebuilding and offer customized solutions to help you build homes that homebuyers want, all while staying on schedule. Operating in the residential construction sector since 2013, we’ve installed over 50,000 new home solar systems with over 35 homebuilding partners.

Our proven process means we’ve got everything covered.

  • System Design and Engineering
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Permitting processes
  • System Installation
  • Interconnections – PTO
  • Closing

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Our powerful Solar Support Suite helps your sales team every step of the way.

Built from the ground up with homebuilders in mind, we created a powerful online app designed to give your sales team all the support they need, from selling to closing - all in one place! Get access to pricing sheets, training videos, marketing materials and more.

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Our team of solar industry experts make it easy.

What can you expect when building with Sunnova? Put simply - quality support. From our personalized sales training to our helpful videos, our team understands your needs as a homebuilder. We have a specialist in your region ready to consult on your next build.

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Build the home your homebuyers want

Power your communities with Sunnova SunSafe® home solar + battery storage service.

Whether a Tesla Powerwall or an Enphase Encharge, give your homeowners resilient backup power and increase their energy independence with Sunnova SunSafe® home solar + battery service.

Unlike a solar-only system, homeowners can use the energy produced by the solar system and stored in the battery to run their essential appliances during a power outage. And for homeowners in states with time of use (TOU) rates, like California, they can use the battery during peak hours to reduce their electricity bill and maximize net metering credits.

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