What if I sell my home prior to the end of the agreement term?

For Home Solar + Roofing Customers Only

For home solar customers, more information about selling your home is here.

An agreement for a Sunnova home solar system/battery storage service can be transferred to a new homebuyer, and you can pass the solar benefits to them. This includes our 25-year Sunnova Protect® warranty for the home solar system/battery storage.

If you also financed a roof with your Sunnova agreement, the roof portion of the loan can not be transferred to the new homeowner and you will need to pay off the roof portion of your loan balance prior to, or at the time of, the closing on your home. Warranties for the roof and any other optional services may not be transferable to a new homeowner. Consult the manufacturer’s warranty for eligibility and restrictions. The Sunnova Customer Service team will walk you through the entire process, but it’s important that you contact us by email at customerservice@sunnova.com, or by phone at 866.SUNNOVA, as soon as you decide to sell your home.

Note that the new homeowner is required to meet Sunnova’s credit requirements. Refer to your agreement for conditions and limitations, as well as the manufacturer’s warranty provided by your roof installer for terms and limitations.