Why Your Georgia Communities Need Solar

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    Georgia is a top-10 state in America for solar, and home builders are in a prime position to capitalize. Whether you’re building new homes in Atlanta, Cumming, Alpharetta, or beyond, offering renewable technologies can help your communities stand out from the rest.

    With Georgians consuming 22% more energy than the national average, making solar and battery storage standard in your communities can:

    • Increase power reliability
    • Allow you to leverage financial subsidies
    • Differentiate your homes versus the competition
    • Reduce the customer’s overall cost of ownership
    • Showcase your company as an environmental leader
    • Possibly lead you to establish microgrid communities


Georgia Homebuilders

Georgia Homebuilders

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Hear from Greg McGuff, regional president Lennar, on why Lennar decided to start building solar standard homes and the impacts that has had on their business.

Case Study

How Lennar is Scaling with Solar

The residential construction sector has historically been a late adopter of new technology, so when a major homebuilder decides to take the leap and embrace a new technology, the industry takes notice.

Lennar, ranked as the number two homebuilder in the U.S. for 2021 in both total closings and gross revenue according to builderonline.com, embraced a new technology in 2013 when they started incorporating solar into their new construction.

What propelled one leading homebuilder to become an early adopter of photovoltaic systems and how has this helped set them up for long-term success? Learn this and the four of the benefits of building with solar in this free study.

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