Why Install Solar Panels In Nevada?

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    Las Vegas and surrounding areas in sun-bathed southern Nevada lead the nation with an average of 310 sunny days per year.* The entire state also tops national charts in solar power potential — potential that has been harnessed at exponential rates in recent years. Since 2016, the share of Nevada's in-state electricity generation from all solar sources has more than doubled, and the state currently ranks sixth in the nation in total installed solar capacity.* Between Nevada’s solar potential and expected capacity growth, the state could very likely become a renewable energy powerhouse.

    In 2022, solar energy provided 23% of Nevada's total renewable electricity generation — a number that is expected to continue to increase.* Energy costs are rising, and many builders are taking advantage of Energy Star and Net Zero Energy building practices meaning the homes they are building are more energy efficient, potentially resulting in energy savings for homeowners for years to come. This, combined with local and federal incentives, like the Inflation Reduction Act, make building solar standard communities something every homebuilder should consider.*


Sunnova’s Energy as a Service Offerings in Nevada

With flexible financing and a state-of-the-art product range we can customize a plan that meets your next build.

Solar | Solar + Battery | EV Charger

Solar | Solar + Battery | EV Charger

Easy Plan™ Lease

No upfront costs

$0 down lease with no impact on build cost or buyer ability to qualify for mortgage

Fixed Rate with flat monthly payments

Our unique 25-year lease allows the leaseholder to lock your energy costs for the entire term with options to purchase the system during the term

Upgrade to Easy Own Purchase during home purchase or anytime during lease

95% performance guarantee for new solar homes

Terms are transferable during resale of home

Prepaid Lease

Builder PrePays Lease for full 25-year term upfront at a discounted rate

No monthly solar energy payments to home buyer for full 25-year term

Upgrade to Easy Own Purchase during home purchase or anytime during lease

95% performance guarantee for new solar homes

Terms are transferable during resale of home

Easy Own Plan™

Builder purchases equipment at competitive purchase price

Included in the sales price of home

No monthly payments to homebuyer for solar energy

Homebuyer may be eligible for Federal Tax Incentive*

Peace of mind

Unlike traditional cash options, with our Sunnova Protect® plan, the homebuyer’s system is monitored and managed by our solar experts for 25 years

System transfers upon sale of the home

Central Hub for service and maintenance operations Sunnova’s Central Hub for service and maintenance operations, enabling high levels of system uptime and fast resolution times.

New home solar in Nevada

25 Year Energy and Service Guarantee

Your homebuyer’s Nevada solar system and battery will be covered by Sunnova Protect®, featuring maintenance, monitoring, repairs, and replacements for 25 years.

  • Covers repairs, replacements, and labor for ALL system components, even if outside the manufacturer’s limited warranty*
  • Roof penetration warranty*
  • Energy guarantee*
  • 24/7 system & account monitoring


Nevada Homebuilders

Nevada Homebuilders

Start building today with Sunnova's solar + battery storage + EV charging in Nevada.




Sunnova Protect® Platinum

Monitor + Repair + Replace + Guarantee

25 Years
System Monitoring
System Monitoring
  • Performance monitoring
  • Access to production data
  • Easy account management
System Diagnosis
System Diagnosis
  • Hassle-free, remote assessments
  • Total management of your system's performance
  • Production simulation to determine expected system performance
orrective Maintenance & Warranty
Corrective Maintenance & Warranty
  • Repairs, replacements and associated labor costs for system components that are covered under manufacturer’s warranty.
Hassle-Free Management of Repairs & Replacements
Hassle-Free Management of Repairs & Replacements
  • Complete management of repairs and replacements for parts covered under manufacturer’s warranty. We work with the manufacturer to repair and replace system components.
Sunnova Insured
Sunnova Insured*
  • Sunnova obtains insurance for your solar system to protect against theft or damage. You don’t have to worry about additional costs for this coverage.
  • (Not available with Easy Own)

Extensive System Coverage
Extensive System Coverage*
  • Zero out-of-pocket costs! Covers repairs, replacements and labor for ALL system components even if outside the manufacturer’s warranty.
Energy Guarantee
Energy Guarantee*
  • We commit your system will produce the amount of energy outlined in your agreement or we will refund or credit you the difference.
10 Years
Roof Penetration Warranty
Roof Penetration Warranty*
  • You get a 10-year roof penetration warranty so if there are leaks or damages from installing your solar system, we will cover the repairs.


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