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Building Multi-family Communities?

We have the exclusive battery storage offering for 120/208V applications!
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Battery Storage Benefits 


By creating and storing their own energy, your homeowners will have power when they need it the most.*

Cost Management

Your homebuyers are making one of the biggest investments of their lives when they purchase their home, help them lower their total cost of ownership with predictable energy charges.

Time of Use (TOU) Control

In states like California where energy costs can fluctuate based on the time of the day, your buyers can employ the TOU mode to use reserved power from the battery during times of peak rates to reduce or eliminate the power they pull from the grid.

Seamless Integration

The homes you build will have renewable energy built seamlessly into the construction of the home. Benefiting not just this generation of homebuyers but decades of buyers to come.


When you build battery storage into your new home communities, not only does it help you qualify for ENERGY STAR or Net Zero Energy Ready Home certifications which you need to receive the 45L tax credits, the owner of the system and battery could qualify for the 30% Investment Tax Credit.*


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Add Value

57.7% of homeowners say that solar power adds to a home’s value at least somewhat, while 17% of those believe it adds to the value substantially.*


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