SunSafe® Home Solar + Battery Storage

Make the switch with $0 to little upfront costs

  • Extend Your Solar

    Reduce your grid electricity consumption. Power your home around-the-clock with renewable solar energy, even when the sun is down.1 Sunnova SunSafe® automatically manages your energy flow and will be designed to help you meet your home energy needs.

  • Resilient Backup Power

    Unlike solar-only systems, a solar + storage system can produce and store solar energy even when the grid is down. Gain confidence from having backup power in an emergency. During a grid outage, your most needed appliances and lights can stay on.2

  • System Protection

    With our Sunnova Protect™ Warranty, we cover your solar system for 25 years, including covering out-of-pocket expenses and coordinating repairs and maintenance.3

  • System Monitoring and Production Guarantee

    We proactively track your solar production and review any potential issues. We guarantee that your solar system will produce the promised amount of energy as outlined in your service agreement, or we'll credit or refund you the difference.4

Get Solar + Storage For Your Home

  • Lease

    Sunnova SunSafe® Easy Save

    Sunnova owns and insures the system.

    • Steady monthly payments to lease your solar + storage system equipment - may include an optional escalator
  • Loan or Finance Agreement

    Sunnova SunSafe® Easy Own

    You own and insure your system.

    • 10 and 25-year plans now available
    • Steady monthly payments to own your solar + storage system
    • As the system owner, you may be eligible for federal and state residential solar incentives 5

Why Go Solar with Sunnova?

25 Years of Sunnova Protect™ - Every Sunnova home solar system comes with a 25-year Sunnova Protect™ coverage plan. We protect your solar system investment by monitoring, maintaining and repairing your system to ensure it generates to its potential.

System Monitoring and Online Bill Pay - Our Sunnova Protect™ In our MySunnova portal, customers can view system production details, battery charge, billing information, and more.

Local Expertise - We work with qualified dealers in the regions we serve to provide local expertise and responsive service.



1. The amount of power available during a power outage is limited, depending on the loads connected and the customer usage during a power outage.
2. Production guarantee is not available in all markets.
3. An annual escalator is a strategy sometimes used to achieve greater savings in the early years of a solar service agreement, in return for a small increase in the rate per kWh each year. Click here for the full explanation.
4. You may be eligible for a federal Investment Tax Credit (ITC) with the purchase of a solar system. To receive the full federal tax credit, you must have federal income tax liability at least equal to the value of the tax credit. Additional tax credits may also be available for homeowners in certain states and territories. Sunnova makes no guarantees regarding customer eligibility for tax benefits. Sunnova does not provide tax advice. Contact your personal tax advisor for eligibility requirements .
5. Some solar systems and/or its components (including batteries) could require repairs to be completed after certain events. Please refer to your agreement for conditions and limitations.



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