Sunnova Products and Services


    Home Solar + Battery Storage

    Power your home day and night with Sunnova SunSafe™, our state-of-the-art solar + battery storage technology.
  • Home Solar

    On average, our customers save 20% with our home solar system plans* while also having predictable solar energy costs for 25 years.
  • Home Solar Protection Plans

    Ensure your home’s solar system operates to its maximum potential with one of our Sunnova Protect™ Service Plans.
  • Add-on Solar Battery Storage

    Get reliable, round-the-clock power with Sunnova +SunSafe, our battery storage technology that connects to your home’s existing solar system.

With over 65,000 customers across the U.S. and its territories, we are your source for clean, affordable, and always available energy. Whether you want to power your home with renewable solar energy or if you already have a home solar system, Sunnova offers a variety of products and services to meet your needs.

1. The amount of power available during a power outage is limited, depending on the loads connected and the customer usage during a power outage.