Sunnova’s home solar and battery in Washington

Why go solar in Washington

  • Go solar with your neighbors

    Washington ranks 37th in the nation for the amount of residential solar installed. The amount of residential solar in Washington is expected to double over the next five years.*

  • Add a battery

    From 2015 to 2020, Washington residents ranked 20th for total time customers lost power and ranked 27th in the nation for number of outages experienced.*

    If the electricity goes out, a Washington solar-only system will automatically turn off. With a battery, your home solar + battery storage system can continue to generate solar energy, charge your battery, and power your most needed lights and appliances.*

  • Incentives for Washington solar panels and home battery backup

    If you own your home solar system and battery, you may be eligible for a federal tax credit incentives.*

Beat the heat with affordable solar

Electric bill rising with the temperature? Take control of your energy costs! We offer flexible financing options on home solar systems and battery storage to meet your unique home energy needs.

Request a no-obligation quote now and be entered into our Cool Summer Giveaway for a chance to win $2,000.*

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Our solar offerings in Washington

With flexible financing including loans, leases, and standalone accessory loans, you can customize a plan that meets your and your family’s needs.

  • Service you expect.

    We understand that you need peace of mind when making an investment in your home. That’s why all of our home solar and solar + battery services come with a Sunnova Protect® Platinum plan featuring 25 years of maintenance, monitoring, repairs, replacements and an energy guarantee.*

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We offer a variety of ways for you to go solar in Washington

Easy Own Plan™

Steady monthly payments to own your home solar system equipment.

Pay a predictable monthly payment

Own your system and receive up to 100% of the available incentives

System Ownership


Easy Own Plan™

Steady monthly payments to own your home solar system and battery equipment.

Pay a predictable monthly payment

Own your system and receive up to 100% of the available incentives

System Ownership


Frequently Asked Questions


If your home solar system is tied to your utility (grid-tied) and you don’t have a battery, your home solar system will not work during a power outage. You will not be able to produce or consume solar energy while the grid is down.

In order to have power during a power outage, you will need a home solar + battery storage system.*

  • During the day, if there is sun: your solar panels will power your home, and any excess energy will charge your battery.
  • At night: your battery can power your essential lights and appliances until it depletes.

* The amount of power available from the battery during a power outage is limited, depending on the loads connected, customer usage and battery configuration (i.e. batteries in certain areas may be set up to provide you with the best economic benefit, which may affect the amount of back-up power available). Solar systems and/or batteries may require repairs after weather events and such repairs may be delayed due to forces outside of our control. No assurances can be given that the solar system or the battery will always work. You should never rely upon either of these to power life support or other medical devices.

Yes! Through our customer portal MySunnova, you can pay your bill online, view your system production, and more.

Your solar system functions very quietly. But rest assured that doesn’t mean it isn’t working. You can track your production through MySunnova customer portal. The reading of your meter is delayed approximately 24 hours.

Solar panels are extremely durable and built to withstand the elements. As a Sunnova customer, your responsibilities will include:

  • Trim any trees around your solar system that may block the sun from reaching your solar panels.
  • Check that there is no accumulation of leaves, debris, snow, or critters under the solar panels.
  • In more arid climate, you may need to spray your solar panels with a garden hose to wash off built-up dust and dirt. You can do this while standing on the ground – we strongly advise against you climbing on your roof for any reason.

Each month, you will receive either a bill or a statement from your utility company, in addition to your Sunnova bill. This is because your home solar system will be grid-tied – during times of low or no solar production, you may need to pull electricity from your utility. You may also be eligible for net metering credits for energy your home solar system exports back to the electric grid. Check with your utility for specific details regarding whether you'll be credited for any excess energy your system generates and exports to the grid.*

If the utility company sends monthly statements in lieu of an actual bill with an amount due, you can expect an annual reconciliation of all electricity usage charges and credits.*

* Sunnova makes no guarantees regarding credit for net energy exported to the electric grid, and any credit provided (now or in the future) is subject to change or termination by executive, legislative or regulatory action.

State Licensing Information Florida License: EC13008358, RS9908405