In the Summer, Why is My Utility Bill High Even With Solar?

Were you surprised by your last bill from the utility?

With a home solar system, your utility bill depends on many factors, including how your home energy consumption matches your home solar system production.

Your energy offset by your solar production depends on how much energy your home consumes. If you’re a Sunnova customer, your home solar system was designed based on your historical electricity usage in order to offset a certain amount of your energy needs.

The actual energy offset by your home solar system will vary by weather, season, and consumption changes. You will get the most benefit from your home solar system if you continue to practice smart energy consumption - don't increase your energy consumption just because you have solar panels!

If you have a high utility bill, here are a few things to think about:

  1. Has your home solar system production changed?
  2. External factors may cause a decrease in solar energy production.
  3. Have your energy consumption patterns changed?

If you received a high utility bill, you may be consuming more energy than the amount used to design your solar system. If you start consuming more energy just because you have solar, your home solar system will not cover your excess consumption.

Also, remember that energy consumption changes seasonally and depends heavily on your local climate. For example, you may have hot summers that require air conditioning, or mild summers where you can get by with celling fans. Holiday guests in the winter consume more energy, but if you’re away on a summer vacation, your home energy consumption may be minimal.

  • Did you install any new appliances that may be consuming more energy than before? You may also have an appliance that is consuming more energy because it is not working correctly.
  • When was the last time you had your a/c unit serviced?
  • Are more or less people home to consume energy?
  • Did your utility rate change?
Sunnova Customers: if you are considering purchasing an electric car or upgrading your house in ways that will increase your energy consumption, please contact Sunnova to learn about your options for adding additional solar panels and battery storage.

Overall, think of your solar energy payoff as a mix of production, consumption, and utility rates – going solar is a great way to hedge against rising utility costs.

If you’re a Sunnova customer with questions about your bill, please reach out to us!


1. Production guarantee is not available with all products or in all markets. Refer to your service agreement for details.