Support The Grid And Earn Cash Back With A Sunnova Battery Storage System!

Beyond protecting your home from grid outages with our Sunnova SunSafe® home solar + battery storage service and Sunnova +SunSafe® add-on battery service, New England customers can also participate in ConnectedSolutions through Sunnova. ConnectedSolutions is a demand response program run by your utility designed to stabilize the New England power grid, and it allows you to get compensated when your home uses energy from your SunSafe® home solar + battery storage system instead of the grid during peak demand periods. This means cash back for you – and a whole lot of feel-good energy!

How Does It Work?

Sunnova takes care of everything so there is nothing you need to do. When we get the call from your utility that they need help, we’ll send a signal to your battery so that it, along with your solar system and the grid, will provide power to your home. You won’t even notice a change while your battery is doing its part to support your energy needs and those of the grid.

What This Means For You…


Earn Cash Back for Using Your Battery When You Don’t Need It

Your participation earns you cash back while helping protect the New England power grid. This is just another benefit to having a solar + battery storage system, and it increases the return on your investment.

Peace of Mind

Sunnova will actively manage your system, maintaining a minimum of at least 20% of energy in your battery storage system after a demand response event – and your battery will not participate ahead of a forecasted, severe weather storm – so your backup power is safe!2

Hassle-Free, Sunnova Handles Everything

When you get battery storage service through Sunnova, we will enroll, manage and administer all aspects of the program for you, including managing your battery during demand response events.

Demand response events

  • A maximum of 60 events in summer (June to September)
  • A maximum of 5 events in winter (December to March)




1. Sunnova retains discretion to withdraw from and to not participate in the ConnectedSolutions program at any time.
2. For National Grid customers, this restriction applies to winter storms only and does not apply in the event of a summer storm.


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