What This Means For You...


Earn Cash Back for Using Your Battery When You Don’t Need It

Your participation earns you cash back while helping protect the New England power grid. This is just another benefit to having a solar + battery storage system, and it increases the return on your investment.

Peace of Mind

Sunnova will actively manage your storage system, maintaining a minimum of at least 20% of energy in your battery after a demand response event – and your battery will not discharge ahead of a forecasted, severe winter storm – so your backup power is safe!2

Hassle-Free, Sunnova Handles Everything

When you get battery storage service through Sunnova, we will enroll, manage and administer all aspects of the program for you, including managing your battery during demand response events.

Demand response events

  • A maximum of 60 events in summer (June to September)
  • A maximum of 5 events in winter (December to March)


ConnectedSolutions program only available for customers in National Grid and Eversource utilities. When choosing our equipment purchase, you could earn up to $730 for MA or $1,300 for RI based on 90% participation in the demand response period and 80% discharge of a 17 kWh battery; this assumes the Sunnova 20% management fee deducted for equipment purchase agreements. Participation in the Connected Solutions program is subject to the terms and conditions in your agreement and of the program, and earnings can vary based on utility program changes, which Sunnova does not control.

1. Sunnova retains discretion to withdraw from and to not participate in the ConnectedSolutions program at any time.
2. This restriction applies to winter storms only and does not apply in the event of a summer storm.