Sunnova Grid Services

Providing Distributed Energy Solutions for A Cleaner, More Resilient Grid

The electric grid is undergoing a critical transformation—transitioning from a centralized network of fossil-fuel-burning power plants to a more distributed and collaborative infrastructure powered by clean, renewable energy. Residential rooftop solar and battery storage are critical parts of the grid's’ future and Sunnova is leading the way to make that transition a reality. 

Strength in Numbers

With more than 792MW of residential behind-the-meter home solar systems across a base of 107,500 customers in 23 states and territories1, Sunnova services are the solution to strengthen a stressed energy grid. Beyond providing homeowners with renewable and resilient energy, we are collaborating with load serving entities to utilize the broad network of Sunnova residential solar and storage systems to help reinforce the grid through our virtual power plant (VPP) solutions. Our decentralized, distributed renewable energy homes provide value to homeowners and utility service providers by strengthening the local community power grid. Distributed energy is part of the solution for a cleaner and more reliable future, and Sunnova is excited to be at the forefront.



We’re Already Serving Your Local Energy Grid Today!

Sunnova offerings provide needed solutions to accelerate the transition towards distributed energy. Sunnova’s virtual power plant capability can dispatch clean energy when it is most needed in the local distribution network, at times when traditional solutions typically require reliance on more expensive, fossil-fuel-dependent peaker power plants.

Sunnova is actively working across the country to help utilities manage facility and power needs more efficiently by integrating more distributed renewables into their resource plan through engagement with Sunnova’s homeowners in a positive way. Sunnova’s solar assets are providing new capacity to support future power needs in competitive markets, while our storage customers are participating in active demand response programs through a seamless customer experience.



Our utility partners can access that dispatchable energy through our virtual power plant. Contact us today to learn more about services we can offer, including:

  • Solar and storage capacity or resource adequacy
  • Active demand response for load curtailment
  • Distributed resource deployment for transmission and distribution deferral (non-wires alternatives)
  • System-wide or local energy peak shaving
  • Optimized resiliency during forced weather-driven outage events
  • Partnerships to provide ‘bring your own device’ programs directly to end-users
  • Insights and control into all the above

If you are an organization looking to partner with Sunnova, contact us today at


Strengthening Grid Resiliency and Providing Grid Services With A Network Of Sunnova Adaptive Home™, "Nanogrids" And Microgrids

The journey begins with our Adaptive Home solutions.  Each home’s energy needs are different. With our Sunnova Adaptive Home™, we are creating services that integrate the use of solar, battery storage, energy control and management technologies to make clean energy even more affordable, reliable, and resilient.

The Sunnova Adaptive Home is not only able to produce and store energy, it also “adapts” by optimizing energy sources and consumption predictively, in real time. By monitoring current energy needs, solar production, stored energy levels, grid health, time of day, energy price signals, and other inputs, the Sunnova Adaptive Home can make intelligent adjustments to deliver the optimal energy experience.



Scaling Nanogrids, Unlocking Grid Services and Microgrids

“Nano” means one billionth. A nanogrid means a “very small” grid.  The Sunnova Adaptive Home is a nanogrid that is able to stay connected or be disconnected from the grid. Capable of producing and supplying electricity independently, a nanogrid does the same job as the traditional utility grid, but at a much more agile and smaller scale.  While connecting to the grid, Sunnova nanogrids can export energy to provide ancillary grid support or participate in demand response programs.  During a power outage, Sunnova nanogrids can island and keep the lights on for all.  When we pool the nanogrids of our Sunnova Adaptive Home customers, our capabilities scale.

“Micro” means one millionth. A microgrid is a group of local generation and interconnected loads within clearly defined electrical boundaries. To the utility, a microgrid is a single controllable entity (an electrical node) that can connect to or disconnect from the grid to operate independently in an “islanded” mode.  A microgrid performs all the functions of a traditional utility grid, but for a local geography. By building communities of nanogrids, joined with additional Distributed Energy Resources (DER) and control technologies such as Virtual Power Plants (VPP), Sunnova plans to offer economic and resiliency improvements for communities it serves while supporting the local utility with grid services. 




1. As of December 31, 2020