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Power Your Home and Your Vehicle

Power Your Home and Your Vehicle

Go solar with Sunnova! Take control of your home energy costs and gain energy independence by producing your own clean, renewable, solar energy to power your home - right from your rooftop.

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Solar Energy and Battery Storage for Your Home

Solar Energy and Battery Storage for Your Home

Sunnova SunSafe® solar + battery storage service provides protection from potential rising electricity rates and increases energy resilience. Whether on or off grid, day or night, during the calm or when nature is fiercest* , you have the freedom to live life uninterrupted®.

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EV Charger

Charge your EV at home with Sunnova

Looking for a better EV charger? Sunnova offers Level 2 EV chargers that can give you more miles, faster.

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From Our Customers

Kevin Doffing gets a new EV charger

Kevin, already a solar and battery customer, is excited to have an electric vehicle charger professionally installed by a Sunnova-certified dealer so he can charge his car up to 9X faster than the standard 110-volt wall outlet using the power of the sun.

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