Hassle-free backup power

  • Different generator options for your needs

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Home Standby Generators

Do power outages have you thinking about an emergency power supply for your home? It might be time to consider getting a home generator.

With Sunnova, you can finance a generator and accessories together into a single monthly payment.
  • Mobile Access
    The Mobile Link 4G LTE Cellular Accessory allows users to monitor the status of the generator using a smartphone, tablet, or PC.

    Hassle-Free Backup Power
    The automatic transfer switch enables the generator to detect a power outage and immediately use its energy to power your home.

  • Fuel Level Monitoring
    WiFi-enabled tank fuel monitor provides constant monitoring to verify that the generator is ready to run during an unexpected power failure.

    Faster Installation Time
    Generator GenPads are already-constructed concrete pads that enable easy and quicker installation - so you don’t have to worry about laying gravel or pouring concrete.