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Ask about one of our home solar service plans today and get 25 years of home solar system protection.


Sunnova Protect® Platinum

Monitor + Repair + Replace + Guarantee

25 Years
System Monitoring
System Monitoring
  • Performance monitoring
  • Access to production data
  • Easy account management
System Diagnosis
System Diagnosis
  • Hassle-free, remote assessments
  • Total management of your system's performance
  • Production simulation to determine expected system performance
orrective Maintenance & Warranty
Corrective Maintenance & Warranty
  • Repairs, replacements and associated labor costs for system components that are covered under manufacturer’s warranty.
Hassle-Free Management of Repairs & Replacements
Hassle-Free Management of Repairs & Replacements
  • Complete management of repairs and replacements for parts covered under manufacturer’s warranty. We work with the manufacturer to repair and replace system components.
Sunnova Insured
Sunnova Insured*
  • Sunnova obtains insurance for your solar system to protect against theft or damage. You don’t have to worry about additional costs for this coverage.
  • (Available only with Easy Save Plan)

Extensive System Coverage
Extensive System Coverage*
  • Zero out-of-pocket costs! Covers repairs, replacements and labor for ALL system components even if outside the manufacturer’s warranty.
Energy Guarantee
Energy Guarantee*
  • We commit your system will produce the amount of energy outlined in your agreement or we will refund or credit you the difference.
10 Years
Roof Penetration Warranty
Roof Penetration Warranty*
  • You get a 10-year roof penetration warranty so if there are leaks or damages from installing your solar system, we will cover the repairs.

While Sunnova does offer production estimates, Energy Guarantee is not available in Florida, Puerto Rico, Guam, Saipan and Hawaii.
Battery storage not available in all markets.

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