• It's hassle-free! Just follow the link
    that Sunnova emails you to log into your local utility account.

    Enroll in the PowerGrid Protect™ program and share your electric utility meter data with Leapfrog Power. From there, Sunnova will manage and administer all aspects of the program for you, including discharging the battery when the power grid is stressed.3

    Join today to help protect your home and your community from power outages and enjoy the freedom to live life uninterrupted®.

So, How Does it Work?

First, join your neighbors and Sunnova in the PowerGrid Protect™ program by enrolling your battery storage system. Then...


    When the power grid experiences high demand and is stressed...


    Sunnova will respond to grid conditions and instruct your battery to supply power to your home...


    Your home is powered by your battery...


    Your resilience keeps the grid stable!

What This Means for You

Your participation helps support the power grid.

You’ll help prevent power outages and brownouts.

You’ll reduce the need for expensive fossil-fuel “power peaking plants”.

Frequently Asked Questions


California residents located within PG&E and SDG&E service territories with Sunnova SunSafe® Home Solar + Battery Storage or +SunSafe® Add-on Battery Storage system with a solar lease or loan agreement are eligible to enroll at this time.

Once your Sunnova SunSafe® and/or +SunSafe® system is installed and operational, Sunnova will send you an enrollment email outlining the steps to take in order to sign up. You will need to sign into your utility account online in order to complete the process, but rest assured this takes only a few clicks on your part!

California’s transition to a cleaner and resilient grid will require energy to be available at different times during the day. As most Californians know, the utilities ask us to reduce consumption during heat waves and other grid events. By participating in Sunnova’s PowerGrid Protect™ Program, you are providing clean energy when the grid needs it most! Even better, you will continue to receive the energy credits from your utility and you will receive a $100 reward card from Sunnova for your participation.

Sunnova will manage and optimize your battery storage settings to make sure that the clean energy from your system is being used when the grid needs it most. Your battery will still discharge energy to your home just as it did before, while Sunnova makes sure the clean power usage is optimized for the local power grid.

Your Sunnova SunSafe® and/or +SunSafe system will participate only during times when the local power grid is experiencing more demand than is typical in your local area. Sunnova works to ensure that your battery will always maintain a reserve and you will still be using your own stored solar power from the battery.

Yes, your battery will always maintain a minimum amount of reserve energy while participating so it will be ready to backup in the event of a potential outage.

Your participation is always in your control! As an opt-in program, you have the option to opt-out as well. You may withdraw by contacting Sunnova at 1-866-SUNNOVA and speaking with a customer service representative. It may take up to sixty (60) days to process your withdrawal. Withdrawal will not affect the other services provided to you. By withdrawing, you may render yourself ineligible to receive the incentive and participate in future programs.

Once we have confirmation of your enrollment from our partners, we will get your reward card processed and on its way! After receiving an enrollment confirmation email from Sunnova, please allow up to eight (8) weeks to receive your reward card.